Please say a prayer for this little girl and what she went through.

God, how I wish we could mobilize worldwide to get her monster of a father suffer the death penalty for what he did to her.

Everything in this case is so atrocious, it’s enraging. The level of torture, the youngness of the child, the fact that the mother is completely disenfranchised (poor, uneducated, etc.) and so willing to take this grotesque “blood money” instead of demanding the death penalty, etc.

NY Daily News: A court found Muslim preacher Fayhan al-Ghamdi guilty of beating, burning, crushing, and raping his daughter Lama. The father’s sentence was lightened after Lama’s mother agreed to accept $276,000 for the daughter’s death.

Fayhan al-Ghamdi, who often preached on television, was convicted of beating his daughter Lama with canes, burning her with electrical cables, crushing her skull and tearing off her nails. She was also raped repeatedly and died months later in a Saudi hospital.

The kingdom follows a strict interpretation of Islam under which murder, drug trafficking, rape and armed robbery are capital crimes, with execution mostly by firing squad. The case of Lama caused a public outcry and brought to light sensitive issues surrounding the ambiguity of punishment for Saudi fathers found guilty of murdering their own children.

Much less serious crimes often receive heavier punishment. Earlier this week, a Saudi court gave four young men sentences of between three to 10 years prison and 500 to 2,000 lashes for dancing naked in public in the city of Buraydah, north of Riyadh.

The Egyptian mother, who acquired Saudi nationality through her ex-husband, was quoted in Arab Gulf-based media saying she is a poor single woman with no income. By accepting the money, she waived the right to demand retribution, or “qisas,” against al-Ghamdi for the death of their daughter. It was not immediately known if she was pressured to accept the deal.

Lama’s mother told broadcaster Al-Arabiya that al-Ghamdi took their daughter from her for a two-week visit in 2011 to his home with his second wife and other children. Months went by and he refused to allow the mother to see her daughter.

“I saw her and I swear to God I didn’t recognize her,” the mother told the news channel, describing the moment she saw her daughter’s disfigured face and body in the hospital. “I felt there is no mercy among humans.”

“She was beaten from the head to the toe, all black and blue all over her body,” the mother said.

He was sentenced to eight years in prison and 800 lashes.

800 lashes is nothing. He should be lashed to death.

Any ideas how we can start a petition for demanding the death penalty for this monster? Write it in the comments.