There was recently another incident involving the cheap and repugnant Rihanna, where she demonstrated once again what a sexuality parasite she is. She is just one more, like Madonna and Lady Gaga, in this long line of liberal entertainers who endorse violence and degradation related to sexuality, beaming their destruction from their obnoxiously privileged experience of life.

Rihanna went to a “sex show” where a woman expelled different things (creatures?) from her vagina.

Obviously, for grotesque and perverted liberals, all that is involved in the above is a normal activity, both for the “performers” as for the parasitic audience.

The grotesque incident was reported in the Guardian, a very liberal UK newspaper.

I was surprised to see a comment that showed a minimal sense of humanity among this junk of liberals:

ID9845712 15 October 2013 12:18pm

Two women… one degrading herself to keep from starving… and another wealthy enough to degrade herself, in a different manner, and dumber than a sack of hammers…

At least the commenter above recognized how oppressed the context of the life of the “performer” is. What they didn’t do is to point out that Rihanna is enjoying the experience of degrading poor women for her own perverted amusement.

The fact that Rihanna is dumb is immaterial here; what needs to be highlighted is how parasitic she is. This has nothing to do with being dumb as the main problem here – it’s clearly her profound lack of character that is the matter. She will gladly exploit another human being in the most grotesque way for her perverted amusement. Just like Madonna and Lady Gaga and the rest of this junk of liberal entertainers.

Who cares if they can sing? These are junk of human beings.

Modern society encourages people to be parasites and to only think of themselves. Only their individual pleasure counts and must supersede everything else.

This is a recipe for a very violent and repulsive world. And thanks to liberals, it’s what we have in terms of sexuality.