As society degenerates more and more regarding its norms and attitudes about sexuality and relationships, and liberal ideology becomes more dominant, I have come to increasingly like the public speech actions of the Westboro Baptist Church.

One, because they symbolize a group that will not capitulate, they refuse to be colonized by liberals, they do not sell out, and they stay firm concerning their principles. Second, because they are ingenious when it comes to conceiving of public protest tactics. Third, as a bonus, because basically no other group irks liberals as much.

I’m not saying that being so strident is the best; they could also engage in other types of protest and send out other messages. Nevertheless they have a very nice sense of independence. Each time they protest, they affirm that they are not interested in submitting to current liberal overlords.

And that makes liberals incensed with rage. The reaction from the latter to any ideological insubordination is obviously the old trick of demonizing and calumniating as much as possible. I also find the very type and degree of demonization of the Westboro folks sort of funny, because it is so exaggerated, overblown, and hysterical.

The other important point is that the demonization of the Westboro folks is primarily done by a large number of people, many of whom are profoundly shoddy, perverted, or violent, and who use their condemnation of the Westboro folks as a way to keep public attention away from their own doings. This starts with constantly maintaining their complete lack of self-awareness regarding their own lack of character.

Which brings us to the question: Who does more violence and crime in the world: liberals (and especially for this comparison, LGBTs) or the Westboro folks?

The answer is clearly liberals (including LGBTs). In the US alone, there are millions and millions of liberals perpetrating all kinds of violent and non-violent crime in the area of sexuality and relationships – and they all believe that homosexuality is normal. LGBTs in particular compose the group that does the most violence to other LGBTs, and that’s when they are not doing harm and violence to heterosexuals (including children and adolescents).

The Westboro folks, on the other hand, as far as has been reported, do basically no violence and no crime. Where have you seen a Westboro member sexually harass someone of the same sex? Or commit date rape? Or produce child porn? Nowhere. But you can find plenty of liberals (including LGBTs) who think homosexuality is normal who constantly do all these horrible crimes and many other harmful acts.

Given this striking difference, which group do liberals consider as good, ideologically normal, middle-of-the-road – that is, non-extremist? The group that contains millions of violent and degenerate individuals, and who share a particular ideology that normalizes homosexuality, among other warped ideas! Very curiously, the group that does no crime or violence is framed and demonized as evil and extremist.

Interesting, isn’t it?

It was following this line of thought that I made a remark in a recent thread at “The Other McCain,” regarding another case, of date rape (The Drunk Sluts Rights Movement). McCain had written in another previous post on the subject:

Date rape is an apparently common campus crime that usually involves two drunk young people, one of whom has an erect penis, and the other of whom is unable to avert what the erect penis typically does.

I commented that I never see liberals speaking of these young men rapists (or even older ones) who are perpetrators in date-rapes involving alcohol as evil. I mean, they call them rapists, but never evil, never ideologically extremist, never really that bad. And certainly, hell will freeze over twice before liberals will call LGBTs who rape, batter, abuse, or sexually harass “extremists.” These are just ideologically normal people for liberals.

However, liberals certainly cannot stop screaming that the Westboro folks are “evil.” Simply because the latter say that “God hates fags.” The Westboro folks don’t go around raping anyone – as far as has been reported at least. So why do liberals hate the Westboro folks so much?

The WBC folks impose and demand morality and they state outright what is perverse in terms of sexuality. For a liberal, that is a crime of the most horrible nature – much, much worse than raping, sexual harassment, molestation, etc.

This is why when liberals today talk about ideological groups in society and they want to reach for an example of “evil” – it’s basically Jim Crow/KKK or Westboro.

Here is a recent example. It was written by your typical shoddy homosexual pushing their shoddy homosexual agenda, talking about the most horrible groups in society – in the context of groups that the government shouldn’t imprison, but everyone should speak out against:

Linus: “This includes a spectrum: at the most extreme end you’ve got the Westboro assholes, Nazis, Klansmen (except when they’re actually committing crimes of course), NAMBLA types (ditto), terrorist sympathizers, Stalinists, Maoists, etc.”*

See? At the MOST extreme – the Westboro folks! For merely saying “God hate fags”? Westboro is now equal to NAMBLA? Westboro is now equal to Stalinists? And consequently, rapists are ideologically normal compared to Westboro? This is utterly laughable.

Notice that the only type of sexual perversion decried above is against (small) children – this is what homosexuals mean by “NAMBLA.” Promoting pederasty is certainly OK for turds of homosexuals. As well as predatory female sexual behavior towards adolescent girls (if you want a recent example, see the reaction to the movie “Blue is the Warmest Color” or the Kaitlyn Hunt debacle). For LGBTs (and a large number of liberals), adolescents are not children and are routinely sexually preyed upon, being considered fair game – and that is considered legitimate. If it is legitimate, it’s certainly not extremist, and certainly not evil.

Concerning adult sexuality, notice that any violent, grotesque, exploitative, or perverted individual or group is excluded from this (fake) ideological “extreme.”

Linus, this guy with a major homosexuality problem above, didn’t say: “at the most extreme end you’ve got all the LGBTs who think homosexuality is normal (and are exactly the people who rape, batter, abuse, or sexually harass); all the pornographers and porn consumers who love to degrade human beings and sexuality; all the liberals who think getting plastered and then either committing date rape or being a victim of date rape is pretty normal; the APA, who proclaims that homosexuality is normal and not a profound psychological problem; the KKK; the Nazis; etc.”

In short, according to liberals, all the people who are deformed, dysfunctional, exploitative, and even criminal but who uphold liberal attitudes and their homosexuality agenda ideology are pretty “normal.” Even when they are criminals, they are never called “extremists.” However, anyone who disagrees with dominant liberal ideology is “evil” and “extremist.” Do you think liberals malign and demonize much?

As we can see, the words “normal” and “extremist” lose all sense when employed by liberals. It becomes clear that much of what is called “normal” by liberals is profoundly destructive and harmful in the area of sexuality and relationships.

Conversely, what liberals deem to be “extremist” regarding the Westboro folks is nothing of the kind, and it’s simply the latter’s refusal to submit to this very harmful and lacking in ethics ideology that liberals uphold in the sphere of sexuality and relationships.


*Example taken from the Volokh Conspiracy blog – varied sexually sleazy law professors on a crusade for their homosexuality agenda – which evidently attracts many homosexual “extremists” in the comment section.