This from a very hawkish conservative blog (The First Street Journal):

“Capt. Phillips” – Posted by Yorkshire on 3 November 2013, 9:07 pm

We all know the story, the MÆRSK Alabama (yes it’s the Danish Spelling) is hijacked by Somali Pirates (who are played by Somali Americans from Minnesota and England) The standard bait and switch (tensely) is done. The Seals come in and shoot the bastards and the somali’s get there virgins and Hanks go home. That is the basic story. But getting from A to B the movie keeps you guessing if it really happens.

In short, Somalis, those bastards, should all sit wherever and starve to death, and then it’s OK.

That’s your “ugly conservative” view. For most liberals, however, it’s pretty much the same view. For the left-wing minority who is capable of understanding the larger imperialist geopolitical issue inherent in the context, everything would change and be OK if the Seals were all ghey. A milestone for Civil Rights!

What an interesting moment we have come to. “Civil rights” is now a deformed white American homosexual blasting the brains of a destitute black Somalian, then going all around his post-DADT military unit yelling about how many other men he has sex with*, thinking it is all normal, because progress.

The perfect summary of America 2013.

*Obviously mentions of sex with boys or sexual harassment of heterosexual men/boys are withheld – the noblesse of the LGBT narrative oblige.

(BTW, I left the first sentence of this comment on the FSJ and it was censored).

Oh, and there is also this (a comment on the same thread above):

Monday, 4 November 2013 at 07:58

Hanks went to Phillips and so did the movie’s screenwriters, that’s the problem. They made an action movie with Phillips as the hero when the crew tells a much different story, the story of an arrogant and headstrong captain who insisted on sailing much too close the Somali coast against the repeated pleas for caution by the crew.

Phillips took an unarmed ship and an unwilling crew into dangerous waters. He didn’t have to do that, it’s big ocean and sailing few hundred miles further out would have reduced the chance of encountering pirates to almost nil. So, what compelled Phillips put the vessel and her crew within easy reach of the pirates?

Phillips failed at a captain’s most central task, to bring the ship and crew safely to it’s destination. Now Hollywood makes Phillips out to be a hero and puts one of Obama’s bootlickers in the leading role. Typical.

But, but… Hanks bootlicks teh gheys, so it’s all OK after all.