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New post (excerpt):
In my view, there is a very profound conceptual problem with the ideological structure of the United States and its purported division between Religion and State. The minute that religion is deemed only a matter of the private sphere (which it has never been, or it couldn’t be properly categorized as a “religion”), something else will take over to dictate how life should or shouldn’t be. In the case of present US, the religion of the State or “secularism.” This something else (secularism) is nothing but another religion with another name, the only fundamental difference is that it is a religion without a conceptual base formed around some divine entity.

What I find particularly fascinating is that secular religion (the dominant form today being liberalism) is spreading not through fire and sword, but through social conditioning, public education, and by indoctrination by the mass media and the entertainment industry. It does not surprise me, therefore, to see how upset and outraged that people with various traditional religions around the country have become to see their religions being cornered into something unacceptable, deemed evil even, as the secular religion comes to dominate the ideological mantle of society.

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