This comment was written with so much clarity, that I had to copy it here immediately. (In fact, there’s been a few other excellent comments at TAC that I am late in preserving here).

Why couldn’t more people realize and acknowledge this, given that it’s quite simple?

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David Lindsay says: November 14, 2013 at 3:45 pm

The American Church, especially, is riven between “conservatives” who accept the Church’s Teaching on bioethical and sexual matters while pretending not to know that the economic and foreign policies that they excoriate are in fact the Church’s Teaching on justice and peace, and “liberals” who accept the Church’s Teaching on justice and peace while excoriating that on most bioethical and most or all sexual matters.

Neither is any more orthodox than the other, and both echo the Americanist heresy. Since there are no new heresies, that was a manifestation of the same error that had presented itself at Byzantium in the eleventh century, in England in the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, in France and the Netherlands in the seventeenth century, in German-speaking Europe and the Hapsburg lands in the eighteenth century, and among the Croats of Croatia and of Bosnia-Herzegovina from the 1990s onwards.

The influence of each of these can still be felt, while there were and are several further examples. Both sides of neo-Americanism belong in that category. Each is de facto schismatic, exactly as much as the other.


And this exact schismatic problem is reflected outside the Church, between “conservatives” and “liberals” in general.

Without much further thought, it seems that the Republican party is further conflicted by the socons versus the non-socons, but Democrat followers don’t present such a strong intra-party division. Clearly there are some issues that many Democrats feel very strongly about (pro-choice, for example) that brings them together. Along with their hostility to Republicans – another binding driving force.

However, theirs is a very selective anti-Republican position, given that Democrats are usually intensely in favor of the military-industrial complex, as long as it does not fight overt wars (covert wars are just fine, selling of arms, outsourcing torture, the military budget, funding their research, giving them cozy jobs, etc. – that’s all OK).