I had the idea for this post upon reading this comment (in a thread about the Elane Photography case):


The Evolution of the Gay Mantra….

1970’s “Live and let live.”

1980’s “Tolerance! Tolerance!”

1990’s “Don’t shove your values down my throat!”

2000’s “We expect you to change your lives to honor our lifestyle; we have no tolerance for your beliefs. We’re going to shove our values down your throat.”

2010’s “…and if that doesn’t work, we’re going to get the government to bully you into submission.”


2013 It’s fine if you have beliefs as long as you keep them to yourselves – in other words, you’d better violate your conscience always or else

2016 Discrimination against all social conservatives is now legal – because they’re just bigots and deserve it

2017 Hiring any social conservative to a higher education or K-12 institution is illegal since it violates diversity for gays

2018 Social conservative businesses must be forced to close down because they are like Jim Crow

2019 Special ghetto areas implemented where social conservatives are allowed to live – they can still tell each other their beliefs since we greatly respect freedom of speech as laid out in the 1st Amendment

2020 – Children of social conservatives must be taken away from them because what happens if one develops a homosexuality problem and the parents do not think it is normal? Child abuse is unacceptable in our progressive and diverse society


Also partly inspired by a recent discussion over at Aleksandria: Not cool, SSPX dudes, not cool… and a post: Two legal cases about persecution of Christians and a major unanswered question talking about two recent legal cases that highlight the blatant persecution and ghettoization of Christianity/social conservatives in the West. And this recent post: One of the best recent threads at The American Conservative – thanks to a few commenters who charitably bother improving the content of the site