I just posted a new post over at Aleksandreia:

For once, having my email hijacked by these stupid marketing lists of all kinds actually presented me with a benefit other than cluttering my email box.

By serendipity then, I was directed to this little discussion where various people posted answers to the following question:
What are some quick concise motivational statements to help get me out of bed in the mornings?”

It’s a very nice idea for a question to ask multiple people.

After going through the list, one especially stuck out to me as being quite powerful:

There will be a day when you can no longer do this.
Today is NOT that day.

A couple of others are nice, but several of the remaining ones do nothing for me. And as long as it’s just one or two, I also don’t mind the sarcastic and completely negative ones.

Anyways, it got me thinking on how mysteriously powerful one thought can be for your mind, while another that says basically the same thing or is similar does nothing within those ensconced depths of your psychological dynamics. It’s intriguing.