From Robert Stacy McCain*:

“It was a quiet ceremony. Elizabeth Miklosovic had an outdoor wedding in June 2004 in Michigan’s Manistee National Forest, where the couple lit candles and exchanged vows. Miklosovic’s marriage lasted only a few months, however. Later that year, the mother of the bride found out that her daughter had, at age 13, become the lesbian “wife” of Miklosovic, who had been the girl’s language arts teacher at Baseline Middle School in South Haven, Michigan. For some reason, state law did not recognize the legitimacy of Miklosovic’s pagan lesbian marriage, and she was convicted of felony sex offenses and sentenced to prison.”

From which we can conclude that state law is homophobic and hasn’t evolved yet!

And another great example of what junk of people LGBTs are. As well as another fine real-life example that torpedoes the claim that “homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia” – except every time it does.

And where, may we ask, is the widespread MSM coverage of the case? If it had been a priest abusing a 13-yr-old, it would have been splashed all over. And if it had been a homosexual priest abusing a 13-yr-old boy, the first thing that the media would do is to omit all references to “gay” and “homosexual” and label him a “pedophile” only. And if it had been a married heterosexual male teacher abusing a girl, then liberals would scream their “the majority of sexual abusers are heterosexual!” ad nauseum.

BTW, McCain has been doing a great job of covering many pedophile cases on his blog ( It’s only when someone systematically covers the subject that they bring home how much most of these cases are buried away in non-coverage by the MSM.


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