LGBT, the people with a history! A history of being pedophiles, sexual harassers, and perverts of every sort – and claiming to being normal and victims at the same time!

This case is such a postcard case! This is my re-write of this Advocate article: Op-ed: How a Renowned Gay Writer Made the FBI’s Most Wanted List by Victoria A. Brownworth – June 24 2013 1:00 PM ET

Walter Lee Williams is a renowned gay academic [in corrupt liberal academia!], winner of numerous awards for his anthropological work and books, had been living in and around Cancún, Mexico, since January 2011. Williams, 64, led the idyllic [gay pedophile] life of a retired academic: writing, publishing, drinking coffee in local cafés like the one in the serene nearby resort town of Playa del Carmen. [And he was surrounded by junk of LGBT people and liberals who simply fawned over him daily. You know, the people who claim they are evolving because they have “gay” friends, and claim normalizing homosexuality is progress].

And like all retired people, Williams had hobbies. His was webcam sex with male minors [that is, boys] in Asian countries, traveling to various Asian countries to have sex with children [not children, boys], and sharing child pornography images with friends [which we can imagine include many in the LGBT junk of a community].

At his arraignment, Williams was charged with sexual assault and predation on the two 14-year-old boys from the Philippines with whom he engaged in webcam sex and then flew to the Philippines to have sex with in December 2010. Williams was questioned upon returning to Los Angeles International Airport in January 2011. According to assistant L.A. police chief Michel Moore, two laptop computers and a camera were confiscated by police, who later allegedly found child pornography and evidence that Williams was engaged in sex acts with boys. After learning he was being investigated on suspicion of engaging in sex with children and acquiring and making child pornography, he immediately fled to Mexico.

FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said the FBI has not ruled out filing more charges. Williams’s computers allegedly contain proof that he had sex with at least eight other boys under the age of 14.

Williams allegedly recorded his sessions with one of the Filipino boys and photographed other young boys in sexual situations. He is accused of sharing those images with at least one other person, Richard Arlington, 71, described as Williams’s “former roommate,” with whom Williams lived in Palm Springs prior to fleeing the Los Angeles area. Arlington was found naked and hiding in a storage facility in Cathedral City, Calif., and subsequently arrested. Arlington also remains in jail without bond, charged with possession of child pornography. According to the FBI, Williams wrote to Arlington, in a note dated January 2011, thanking Arlington for suggesting that he go to the Philippines for sex with boys. Williams wrote to Arlington that he and one of the boys “have basically stayed at the hotel and not gone out at all.”

Williams and Arlington were both members of a small group called the Buddhist Universal Association of Los Angeles, which, FBI spokeswoman Eimiller said espoused an ideology of “extreme sexual freedoms.” [In other words, they normalize homosexuality, promiscuity, and pedophilia, and claim they were born that way, and that anyone who criticizes their perverted minds is a bigot and a hater].

Williams’s indictment, arrest, and arraignment prove an ugly end to what appeared to be a stellar career. He was a Fulbright Scholar, and until he fled the U.S. to escape arrest in January 2011, he was a tenured professor at the University of Southern California. [Note that this is the same academia that would never hire a decent, healthy, wholesome social conservative who does not normalize homosexuality, exactly because they don’t have the mind of a pervert. Hiring perverted, grotesque LGBTs is, on the other hand, par for the course].

The FBI describes the hunt for Williams as “piecing together the pieces of a puzzle.” But part of the puzzle is the nagging question of whether Williams’s entire career charting native populations was, as the FBI asserts, just a means to stalk and prey upon young boys of color in poverty-stricken areas of the U.S. and other countries. [Another example of what a lie it is to claim that an individual’s sexuality doesn’t affect their work. Everyone’s sexuality is always society’s business.]

Williams’s most recent book was published in February by LGBTQ publisher Lethe Press, more than two years after he fled the U.S.. Were all Williams’s friends, colleagues, and publishers, his university, and the organizations he led or was an officer of completely unaware of his criminal status? Or were some aware that he was on the lam and helping to facilitate that? Most people don’t become expatriates overnight. It is clear from LAPD reports that Arlington knew where Williams was.[But only decent people are able to think about how deformed homosexuals and bisexuals are, and to refuse to empower them or to facilitate all the harm and crimes they perpetrate in society.]

Yet there may have been signs — Williams’s most recent book, Spirit of the Pacific, was a novel in which the protagonist is a young boy of color. The cover illustration depicts two naked, dark-skinned Asian boys in an idyllic tidal pool, surrounded by foliage.

The novel’s cover copy reads, in part, “This is the story of Eddie Freeman, an African-American slave from South Carolina, who escaped slavery in 1860 … Eddie was attracted to his own sex, and in 21st century nomenclature would be called gay. But in his day, he was just a young man trying to find love and give affection. … This is a story about learning to transcend the polarities of slave and free, sacred and profane, love and hate, human and animal.” [Once you start believing that being a pervert with adults is normal, as liberals and liberal LGBTs do, why stop with age barriers? ]

In the opening pages, Williams describes Eddie’s attraction to his slave master and his slave master’s physique. [And this is considered normal for the junk of LGBTs and liberals who normalize homosexuality.]

Lethe publisher Steve Berman did not respond to questions about whether he knew Williams had fled the country while being investigated for child sex charges and making and distributing child pornography. [Could it be because they were all too happy to publish the work of their own junk of people, as long as they didn’t get caught by the police?]

Lethe has stopped distributing the print editions of Williams’ books and will be doing the same with electronic versions (which takes a bit longer as there are more venues). Obviously, we were very much surprised to hear about the situation.” [When you are too busy publishing the perverted writings of junk of LGBTs, their ugly reality is always such a surprise!]

USC issued this statement recently: “Walter Lee Williams is a former professor of anthropology, history and gender studies at USC. He left the university in February 2011. USC is fully cooperating with the FBI investigation. The FBI has informed us that at this time there is no evidence that any of his alleged illegal activities were associated with the university or took place on campus.” [Perhaps not, but they were probably funded by the salary that USC lavishly paid him. But the problem is much more at the root. The fact that academia largely normalizes homosexuality is where the problem begins. And the possibility of another Joe Paterno-type cover-up from all his liberal and LGBT colleagues looms in the horizon… ]

Noted lesbian journalist Karen Ocamb — who had met Williams and found him “creepy” — wrote in Frontiers last Tuesday that Williams had been a suspected pedophile for decades, quoting several unnamed sources in the L.A. gay community as well as noted LGBT activist Harry Hay. According to Ocamb’s sources, Williams was alleged to have had sex with many of his subjects while working on his various books and studies. He was considered an “unethical” “liar” who “ruined reputations.” [Aww… and yet it is only when the FBI finally catches him that the “community” all of a sudden claims to have suspicions.]

According to the United Nations, UNICEF, and, a human rights group, Thailand is the world’s sexual tourism center. Forty percent of Thailand’s 2.8 million sex workers are children. Of the tourists who visit Thailand, 70% are Western men who have traveled there to have sex with prostitutes, especially minors. [And we live in a world that basically does nothing about it!]

“I analyzed the computers and the camera that belong to Williams and found child pornography,” special agent Jeff Yesensky said in a video posted to the FBI’s website. “He preys on the most vulnerable children.” [Because you know what victims LGBTs are in society! And the problem in society is those extremists of the Westboro Baptist Church who don’t abuse children!]

Another disturbing aspect of the Williams case is that many people who knew and worked with Williams seemed to have known he was a serial pedophile predator, but, as with the epidemic priest sex scandal, felt unable to speak out about it. [Cat got their tongue, did it? Now why would liberals, who only live to normalize every kind of sexual perversity, feel able to speak out on it? Speaking out is not something corrupt people are able to do. It goes against the narrative and it shows the public what reality is really like. Cover up is the only way to go for junk of people, especially if it involves another case of an LGBT doing harm or violence in society.]

As the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to release its groundbreaking rulings on marriage, Williams’s arrest (compounded by Arlington’s) puts the old false equivalency of gay men and pedophiles together again in the news — a connection Williams’s forced with his involvement in gay research and archiving, work now tainted by his alleged crimes. [Is it because “homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia” except every time it does? What this case exposes is how much lying this LGBT junk of people and their supporters are eager to engaging in and how they live to cover up every single case involving LGBTs doing sexual abuse, harassment, or molestation in society]

From Karen Ocamb, another LGBT pervert (called “noted lesbian writer” in the Advocate article):
Full disclosure, I knew Walter Williams when he got USC to accept ONE Gay & Lesbian Archives in the mid-1990s. He seemed creepy and an egotistical bore, but I had no idea he might have exploited children, as the indictment alleges. [Imagine! A woman with a major homosexual problem suspecting another pervert of sexually abusing minors! It would never cross her mind, now would it?] For every question I had, Walter had an explanation that made sense, and he seemed to be getting USC on-board to preserve LGBT history. [Like that “history” that always lies about how perverted and deformed LGBTs are in real life? Oh, so as long as a homosexual is writing propaganda about LGBTs, why should any of them speak out about him serially raping defenseless boys in poor countries? He’s much too useful to the other perverts!]

What I did not know about until today was that Walter was rumored to have slept with the young androgynous Native American men who were his sources for The Spirit and The Flesh, according to one very knowledgeable source who said Walter left a string of broken hearts as he moved on from one group to another. There was a lot of “buzz” among gay and lesbian anthropologists that what Walter had done and the way he collected information was “unethical” and he might have even “crossed a line,” the source said. But no one ever really wrote about it or challenged him because he had a way of ruining reputations and winning arguments. [How did he win such arguments? “I’m gay and so I can’t be abusing boys.” Argument won! Especially when the other side of the argument is composed by another bunch of LGBT perverts or their liberal supporters. ]

“I knew it would come down eventually to this sort of lurid scandal,” said one very knowledgeable source. “I knew about Walter’s (alleged) pedophilia many years ago via Harry Hay and others in the gay Native community who Walter used as sources in his Spirit and the Flesh book. His reputation was not good back then, including rumors of ‘sleeping with sources.’” [But, but… this very knowledgeable source just had to remain silent – because Civil Rights for perverts and junk of people is like that! Because people who hate decent social conservatives just have to empower and coddle homosexual pedophiles!]

According to these sources, Walter was well-known for making passes at his students at USC—some of whom made official complaints. In fact, one incident involved a student who trashed his office while he was away, including spraying the word “fag.” [Hate crime!] Walter complained to USC that the university wasn’t protecting him, but when the school tracked down the person responsible, the student allegedly said that yes, he was the one who did it because “that asshole keeps making passes at me.” But, said my source, no one believed him about Walter’s alleged sexual harassment. [Ha! Since when is a bunch of perverts going to face their own ugly reality? No! Every victim (adult or child) must be lying. And seriously, no one believed the victim? I doubt it. This crap of “normalize homosexuality” crowd probably realized that Williams had sexually harassed the student and protected their own.]

I’ve asked USC to check their past records for complaints of sexual harassment filed against Walter but have not yet heard back. [Because there is something they’re hiding perhaps?]

On the record, anthropologist and author C. Todd White told me that he moved to L.A. to work for Walter for free as his personal and teaching assistant while he was working on his dissertation. He also edited the Gay & Lesbian Review for which Walter was being paid by the university in the form of a course reduction. But when Todd requested the actual title of editor, Walter refused. Additionally, Todd said, “he came on to me. He came on to all his students. I brushed it off. … I knew what he was capable of. But he was into young, androgynous boyfriends.” [More proof that when you normalize homosexuality, society is nothing more than a sexually violent sewer.]

Ocamb ends with this pearl:

But the question still remains for an LGBT community which has for too long lived with the historic and debilitating unfair myth of being sexual predators: When and to whom do we report a rumor of or concern about potential child molestation—even one we can’t prove, and even if we think it casts dispersions on our community? Is it better to remain silent and hope someone comes forward with credible testimony, or should we tell someone our suspicions and encourage a full and honest investigation? Which cause is more important—protecting a child from harm or protecting someone’s reputation? [Note that for perverts like LGBTs and their supporters the answer is NOT obvious. Why, protecting a child from harm should never get in the way for junk of LGBTs to protect their narrative and “reputations.”]
gertie posted on 06/20/2013 10:27 AM

From blurb on amazon, by Walter L. Williams, Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies, University of Southern California, and Editor, International Gay and Lesbian Review”:

“Patrick Dilley’s study is valuable because it shows that there is not one single line of development for homosexual men, but rather multiple patterns among males who may see themselves as gay, queer, or normal….Dilley’s research found common patterns ranging from homo-social emotional involvements in fraternity rituals, to anonymous orgasms in restroom trysts. These narratives display the sheer joy of sex that many of the respondents reported, often from a very early age, with other boys or older men. The positively-remembered life experiences reported here are a pronounced corrective to the stereotype of same-sex activities that are presented as tragic exploitation for young men. [See how NAMBLA is fully part of and supported by today’s academia – especially its LGBT academic community?]

LV posted on 06/26/2013 09:57 AM
So sad to see the hysteria and moral panic around age of consent issues here. People seem to have a need to call this pedophilea. Pedophilea is attraction towards prepubescent individuals. Being attracted towards boys 14-17 year old has nothing to with that, and a society that treats teenage young boys voluntarily seeking older guys for sex like murder is sick.
[For junk of liberals and LGBTs, decent people are sick and sexuality perverts are healthy! And how bigoted if you don’t exploit children for sex!]

“The FBI also issued this caveat: “The charges contained in the indictment are merely accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.” ”

While that is all very well, we can also issue the related caveat to the one above: many guilty people are never proven guilty.

So, in the end, what happened to his case? I could not find a single recent piece of news – which I find quite strange.