A little while ago I received an invitation to join this site called Alexandria. It’s like some sort of small little group blog, where people discuss any topic they wish. I didn’t spend much time looking it over, but it seemed all right, so I joined. Fast forward a few posts, and the organizer of the site, a certain H.M. Stuart, goes ballistic and fires incessant put-downs in a most uncivil tone when I criticized the erosion of the rationale for sustaining bans against polygamy currently under way.

This is my response, which begins answering another post by another participant called Renee, who wanted me to watch some Obama propaganda video:

To Renee: Alexandria’s host is clearly cheap and stupid – what’s the point?

I saw that you posted something you wanted me to watch but…

As was evidenced in two recent threads*, Alexandria has a problem with its host. All other participants are capable of disagreement and debate, and all kinds of contributions, without stooping down to petty and infantile put-downs. Our “host,” however, is not. He gave me a grand display of how cheap and ridiculously stupid he is.

So, what is the point of Alexandria? The Internet is full of losers like H.M. with whom we can spend an eternity exchanging the type of put-downs he thinks he is particularly clever in making. If H.M. is going to invite people to come contribute to his little site, he should mind his manners. If being a frustrated little idiot is all he can be, there are more interesting places to be. Even his attempted put-downs were so rickety… nothing to be gotten even from that!

As you may know, I have my own blog (https://alessandrareflections.wordpress.com/) and Alexandria participants other than it’s lame host are welcome to come discuss anything there.

* I saved them on my other blog:
The knowledge that a relationship that is not monogamous is a corrupted one.


As marriage crumbles and gets destroyed into a circus…