This weekend, I had a lot of fun just having a lot of fun with the Duck Dynasty duckaroo, in the comments sections of many sites and blogs. The fun I had was from the interactions with other commenters. With very exceptions, however, I found the level of news articles or opinion pieces quite low. It is now often the case that these writings cannot be distinguished from a lot of blog writing by non-journalists. One of the things that most annoys me with current journalism is the lack of journalists capable of writing superb English. Why couldn’t we have superb writers writing journalistic pieces? Why must it all be dumbed down to that paltry television level of English, or even worse, now resembling Facebook or just “spill your thoughts on your blog” kind of blog (like mine often is) or Twitter tweets? Is it a case of the industry shunning stellar writers because the former wants a much more plain and quick and accessible to the point of menial writing, or is it that those few with such a command of the English language would much rather employ it for literature or scholarly writing, thus depriving us of a daily dose of magnificent writing in English to inform us of current affairs and controversies?

In any case, something I profoundly miss.

After this slight detraction, back to the duckaroo, a controversy that seems too good to have spontaneously erupted with no cunning planning behind it from one or more of the parties involved. It brings together some of the fundamental issues that I focus on in this blog.

Phil’s comments on race were seriously bad. However, he was right on target regarding homosexuality (and his regrouping with bestiality and promiscuity). A person is born with a developmental matrix, including to develop into a heterosexual adult that has healthy, adult relationships with the opposite sex. However, this matrix is not finished and it will change (including being deformed) in a variety of directions. Therefore, the mind has a deep plasticity; regarding many characteristics, it’s not hard-wired. Homosexuality is similar to any other psycho-sexual dysfunction – in terms of being a dysfunction. It is not inborn, but like other dysfunctions, such a disorder or dysfunction is developed over time, due to a set of factors that can vary from individual to individual. You solve the underlying psychological, cultural, sociological issues producing various homosexual dynamics in the mind of such an individual, and the person lives as they were born to be: heterosexual.

All liberals are proving is that for a pervert, nothing is perverted. The sleazy liberal bourgeoisie revolts every time someone holds them accountable for having any kind of dysfunctional and perverted sexualities. They want to do harm and violence with impunity – no criticism, no accountability.

Normalizing homosexuality is just one component in the normalization of multiple harmful and destructive attitudes and behaviors about sex and relationships. It has nothing to do with progress; it’s a shucking off of ethical and healthy norms in the name of liberation.

GLAAD is a collection of destructive and twisted individuals. Nice to see a bunch of ducks exploding in their faces.

(added Dec. 29) What is sad is that today you basically need to have 300 million dollars in the bank to openly say the truth about LGBTs and not get lynched by the LGBT mob. And that is a free speech issue (even if it may or may not intersect with particular laws on speech).