(My comment in a thread at the OtherMcCain on gender).

The very best take on “gender is just a changeable cultural prop” was done by a discussion on TAC.

Basically, picture the following situation: A man “thinks” he is more comfortable being of the female gender and being female, so he puts on a dress and make-up and says: now, I’m a woman. (Remember that liberals are incapable of seeing just how insane he is right there, so to them, the man is now of the female gender. Collective insanity is always more fun than single insanity).

Would a woman with a lesbian problem then say: hey, now I’m going to be attracted to her? If she says yes, then it means that for LGBTs and their idiotic liberal cohorts, being “female” is reduced to hanging a certain garment on the human body and splashing some paint on its face. A clearly idiotic claim on its face.

In case the lesbian pig says she is not attracted to the man who now claims to be of the female gender, because he is still a man, then the whole claim that gender is a mere cultural construct falls apart. One can obviously use a heterosexual imaginary example to illustrate the same logical fallacy.