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It’s exactly what this garbage of A&E deserves. Nothing could be sweeter. And the Robertsons made the gun deal without involving A&E licensing! Hah.
Phil Robertson Rumored to be Moving Duck Dynasty to a Christian Channel

According to a report at the Daily Mail, the Robertson patriarch is looking into ways to move the hit program about his family to “a Christian channel more in keeping with his views.”

This allegedly involves Robertson setting up his own TV production company to create the series which would then be aired on a religious channel such as Trinity Broadcast Corporation or Christian Television Network.

For those unfamiliar, a report in 2010 claimed TBN to be accessible by almost 41 percent of the nation’s 115 million TV homes. Believe it or not, that’s more than ABC, CBS, and NBC.

A&E messed with the wrong redneck,’ a source close to the show told the National Enquirer. ‘Phil has agreed to return, but he’s already working on getting out their contracts. … He’s confident lawyers can find a loophole.’

Back in August the Robertson clan signed a new contract with A&E for $200,000 per episode. That contract is supposed to keep the family tied to the network for several more seasons, but Robertson is confident that he can get them out of it on a technicality after the forthcoming fifth season ends.

Another day, another censored discussion!

This time at patheos, a site that is supposed to be about religion but it has become a place frequented by many liberals of the low-info type.

I’ve saved several exchanges at my Censored blog.


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