I haven’t had a lot of time to blog recently, as some may have noted.

However, without further ado, I wanted just to note a couple of thoughts, observations, and other happenings – all of this in a very brief way. These are all matters that deserve a full posting, or even more than one, but right now that won’t be possible.

Here is the first one:

There is this guy (Peter Blaise) who is obsessed in making comments here on every post in any way tied to homosexuality. Usually he just writes a lot of homosexual propaganda and fills long comments with other idiotic ways to think about sexuality and relationships. But, some time ago he wrote something that is profoundly important – and which is at the core of the analysis of personal and sexual attraction, from a psychological perspective:


I carry my childhood wounds ever present, and I am attracted to someone who connects with them and promises an avenue of healing.

I have many overlapping experiences over my lifetime with people of either gender or sexuality who all have common traits, and are working on their childhood wounds, seeking healing in relationship.

I see how we as adults desire to pick up where we left off as damaged children, and begin to finally heal our childhood wounds once and for all.

So, anyone who treats us like, or behaves like, our worst experience of our parents or caretakers is by definition attractive to us, emotionally, energetically, ethereally, spiritually.

The human mind often produces an unconscious or conscious desire or attempt to replay wounding experiences, notably those that involved key parental figures. However, a wounded mind has this desire not to further perpetuate any harm, by being stuck in a vicious cycle, but as an attempt to experience a healing outcome. That is, what our mind wants is to replay the situation but now with different (and positive) result.

So what the mind is unconsciously attracted to is to enable itself to have a healing experience – even if that is completely unavailable in our external reality. Our unconscious is often not able to take into account the fact that reality may not provide us with the healing people we need. As long as an external person strikes a chord in our unconscious because they resemble key people of experiences past, that’s what will trigger a desire in us, which can be sometimes very profound, to replay the experiences of the past. It is then up to our conscious mind to disengage ourselves from individuals who cannot provide us with the necessary and desired healing experience, even though our unconscious is clamoring for it with all its might.

Another important thing to note is that this is not the only causal dynamics that produces attraction feelings in a person. In fact, what some people crave is to do harm to others, they are attracted by all kinds of sadistic or perverted possibilities, and therefore, they experience the very opposite of the above. They are not seeking healing, but perverted and perverse pleasure. That is also something that can motivate sexual arousal or attraction or desire, or an emotional desire regarding another person as well. I have seen this again and again in homosexual and bisexual women (this is not to say that it doesn’t happen to men): the desire to dominate, denigrate, humiliate, control, and do harm to other women, with total impunity, because it gives them a perverted pleasure that today’s liberal culture tells them they are entitled to. Or simply to fulfill their any of their perverted desires.

Attraction feelings can also be developed towards targets that represent something that the individual feels they lack themselves, such as an individual quality, an emotional resource or personality trait, or yet it can be a desire for ideological confirmation, status symbols, etc.

I believe this was the first time that Peter did not write something presenting the memes of his typically shoddy liberal homosexuality agenda to normalize homosexuality.

A more profound understanding of human psychology blows to pieces the absurd liberal notions that people are “just” homosexual (for no reason), or  are born homosexual or bisexual (and their histories from the time they were born have no impact in their entire relationship and sexual psychologies!) – one of the most idiotic claims ever made in modern society – or that homosexuality isn’t caused by profound dysfunctional psycho-social and ideological factors.

Lastly, and to underscore one of the main points that is a core of human psychology related to sexuality: attraction or desire is always a product of other more profound psychological dynamics. You change these dynamics, and you change the attraction produced. The more you deform a person’s psychology and ideology, the more perverted their sexuality will be, because sexuality rests upon a base of more primary kinds of emotional needs and dynamics.

How long until society understands something so basic?

(slightly edited for clarity on Feb. 10th, 2014).