Watch liberals throw the 1st Amendment down the toilet live this week in Arizona.

My prediction is that Brewer will cave in to the gay/liberal-stapo.

Now, there’s a lot to comment on this case/bill/situation. And I won’t have time. Here’s just some tips of the iceberg:

  • This is the future – that is, the future is here and it’s homosexuality shoved down your throats through legislation and informal actions destroying any right to freedom of conscience or religion.
  • The 1st Amendment has been buried. It exists only as a joke and as a reminder of a bygone era where it once was taken seriously and had any real meaning.
  • Predictably, all the CINOs jumped on the opportunity to kiss the gaystapo’s behind to get them some pink/center votes for upcoming elections (Gingrich, Romney, both Arizona senators: John McCain (R) and Jeff Flake (R) – with Republicans like these, who needs liberals?)
  • Predictably as well, and equally disgusting, were the usual gaystapo corporations trying to twist Brewer’s arm to veto the bill with all kinds of threats (Apple, Delta, the NFL – the NFL? Talk about the power of homosexuals to corrupt institutions). I do not want Apple deciding what is religious freedom in this country – and who can and cannot have it – or any other entity that thinks they can dictate law (and trample on the most fundamental freedom rights) simply because they have a pile of money.
  • I still don’t understand why people don’t grasp that refusing to serve or work with people who have a destructive sexuality agenda is a refusal to support a political ideology – a right which can never be banned and which can never be equated to refusing service to a person because they have dark skin. Conditioned people simply can’t think outside what they have been conditioned to think.
  • This has to be one of the best comments I’ve seen on any related articles:
    “First they came for the wedding cake bakers and I said nothing… “
    (I’ve been banned at Ace of Spades, btw).
    Read some of the comments on the thread above: the blog that has a deformed homosexual as a regular poster (Gabriel Malor) and whose owner (Ace) is a promoter of homosexuality and porn is now complaining about “radical” homosexuals! Ha! Ace’s (and his followers’) minds are so far up homosexuals’ behinds, they can’t see the irony.