Watched the sixth episode of this season and practically fell asleep – more than a couple of times – and this in a show that lasts only 20 little minutes – and which I love!

Duck Dynasty needs to be more creative with their episode formula or they are going to go from happy, happy, happy to boring, boring, boring. Not only that, we know it’s mostly all scripted, but since it’s a nicely written script – hey, it’s entertainment. Recite that “reality,” baby, that’s television. However, when the show screams “these are all sadly repeated lines that were scripted and it’s the same old, same old and nothing other than that,” it does lose a lot of its charm.  I suppose this is a hard balance act (very scripted “reality” tied down to a simplistic and constrained formula) to keep after some time. On the other hand, it’s exactly what many sitcoms amount to.

But here’s the answer: they should start talking about some of the issues I discuss on this blog – or hire me as a topic consultant – guaranteed attention and ratings all around! 😉