Apparently no big news on the Farrow / Allen case. However, it appears Dylan Farrow’s accusation against Woody Allen revealed a prevalent myth in the populace: that adults (or adolescents for that matter) cannot molest or abuse a child only once or only a couple of times.

I saw several comments to articles on this cases stating this myth. That is certainly not true. It is merely a stereotype floating around that if an adult abuses a child once, they will do it hundreds of times. Sometime yes, sometimes no. Just like sometimes a person will rape only once and never again. Or murder or do any other crime or assault, whether it is of a sexual nature or not.

Once again we see how much the public stereotypes abusers to make them out to have certain profiles that are very different from their own. And you notice that this stereotype that the abuser must go on abusing multiple children and/or multiple times is one that makes people wrongly separate “normal” people from their notion of a “pedophile.” That is, it is a refusal to believe that people like them (who have an adult sexuality) can at one time or at certain times only molest or abuse children (or adolescents). Realizing this breaks down this simplistic and wishful separation between “normal” people and “pedophiles” that many people want to believe must always exist.