Other somewhat old news include that I had received a complaint about copyright infringement from a certain “H.M. Stuart”  that contains fraudulent elements. (Too busy to blog about it in detail, here’s just a tiny part of the issue). “Stuart”  purportedly runs this community blog “Alexandria” site.

After receiving this complaint, I communicated to H.M. Stuart that he does not have my permission to post any of my writings on his site and that this is a clear violation of his stated site terms. Given that the only reason he  filed this complaint was to make a middle-school type  provocation because I questioned his lame views on sexuality and related issues, I think he must be quite frustrated to find out that he is too much of a looser to be bothered with seriously.

However, amusingly enough, this is the first time in my entire blogging experience that I have a shmuck insisting on publishing my own writings on his site against my will and without my consent, instead of the contrary, that is, the typical liberal that is adamant about  censoring what I have to say!

On the other hand, he filed this complaint to try to make me  delete a few of his retarded comments from my Censored blog, claiming it’s copyright infringement. Ha! Apparently the people who are most eager to lodge copyright infringement complaints are the ones who infringe any copyright notion and their own site terms the most!

You need to be quite a looser to go to the extent that he did to try to pick a fight over the Internet concerning a couple of comments. But that is life for a liberal looser.

I haven’t had time to deal with this, but will.