I have been too busy to write here, but just wanted to drop off some quick notes.

Another day, another banning: this time at “The Other McCain.”

I admire Robert McCain’s work very much – and he is a great example to other journalists concerning his writings related to deviant and predatory sexualities.   And I also like several of his regulars quite a bit. I had meant to do a summary of many of these child exploitation cases he has written about, to also keep a reference on my blog, but I haven’t yet gotten around to it. So much to write about, so little time!

However, it’s unfortunate that part of his followers are stuck seeing the world through the most narrow-minded 1950’s Cold War blinders and we also have some hysterical people regarding total denial of abuse in industrial farming, something I am also very critical of. Aside from McCain’s ultra-simplistic and twisted constructions of “patriarchy” and “feminism” that miss the mark as often as they hit it. And that’s not mentioning immigration issues.

But despite these drawbacks, McCain’s work on perverted sexualities and how much the LGBT and liberal populations do harm in the area of sexuality is truly an example.

I, however, wrote some comments that challenged the aforementioned ridiculous views on other issues and… I got banned.

Amusingly, more or less at the same time he banned me, he published a post called none other than:
Dissent Must Be Abolished! ( February 16, 2014)

where he criticized liberals for suppressing dissent, criticism, and debate. Not content with that, he wrote in another post: “Demonizing and marginalizing dissent is what liberals do routinely.”

Ah, as McCain well shows, not only liberals – alas, on his blog, dissent  must also be abolished.