My brief reaction to Gov. Brewer’s cave-in to the homosexual/liberal power factions twisting her arm. Really, with Republicans like this, who needs liberals?

Here’s my comment:

Freedom of conscience means that no one has to support a rapist, or pornographer, or a sexual molester, or a swinger, or a person with a
homosexual problem, etc., when they are being “themselves” – that is, when they want to push their deformed sexuality agenda and coerce me to push it too.

This is what this bill would have protected – and which is what the 1st Amendment is written to protect. But liberals have thrown the 1st Amendment in the trash. When we have freedom of conscience, we have the choice not to provide services to destructive or immoral people of any kind. This is why the concept of sexual orientation discrimination is a fraud.

On the religious front, liberals also wrongly claim that Jesus commands people to push perverted sexuality agendas in society directly or indirectly, because some sexuality pig demands that they do.

This is where you separate the true Christians from the chaff. True Christians do not put themselves at the service of evil or immorality. They don’t endorse it or cave in to it simply because other people try to twist their arm. In other words, Christians don’t follow pigs of people on Earth. Either they set their own course, or they’ve forsaken their own religion – and especially Jesus.

This is just one more episode showing that many politicians are for sale and some sell out for nothing more than a couple of bucks.