Hi! I’ve been too busy to blog (about serious things), so this is just a little note. Among recent wonderful cultural discoveries was this film, available for free on youtube.


The writing is full of these little nuggets when you least expect them. I loved the characters, they are so well personified! I loved how interesting these most mundane, lackluster people were, aside from the funny excentric ones. And the suspense moments were quite good too. Great acting, casting – lovely. The only thing I didn’t like so much was the very ending, but given that all the rest was good, it didn’t matter so much.

From wiki:

London Belongs to Me (also known as Dulcimer Street) is a British film released in 1948, directed by Sidney Gilliat and starring Richard Attenborough and Alastair Sim. It was based on the novel London Belongs to Me by Norman Collins. The same story was made into a seven-part series by Thames Television in 1977.

I took a quick look on an article about the novel and got the impression I would find the book quite boring, aside from having no way to understand many important cultural references which enrich everything and everyone.

This is the guy I am curious about now:

The writer Sidney Gilliat.