Rod Dreher over at TAC has been covering a liberal lynch mob trying to run out of town an organic farm owned by a conservative couple. Not to mention the smears and character assassination that is par for the course.

It’s war.

And it’s time for people to wake up and fight back.

Dreher writes:

In the latest news from the Portlandia Sharia story, those trying to destroy Moreland Farmers Pantry, the organic store planned for a Portland neighborhood, are going after vendors selling to the store. From the boycott’s Facebook page:

Here is a current list of Moreland Farmers Pantry vendors, from their website. We will be posting their contact information shortly. If you’re a vendor on this list, who has pulled your product from their shelves, please let us know and you will be removed from this list.


The statement: from the Moreland Farmer’s Pantry FB page:

You may be aware that the media has been asking questions about the personal opinions of the owners regarding gay marriage and freedom of expression. We understand that this is a sensitive topic for many. We would like to reiterate our position that we will not discriminate against anyone in any form. We support diversity and anti-discrimination in all business practices. As a gesture of goodwill we donated $1,000 to the LGBTQ Youth program of the Equity Foundation in Portland. This program supports safe communities for LGBTQ individuals where sexual orientation and gender identity should not be the basis for social alienation or legal discrimination. We encourage others to make additional donations to this worthy cause at:

While we understand that we may not share the same viewpoints on all issues, we support freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Our beliefs are not necessarily shared by our employees; their beliefs are their own, as it should be. The employees are a diverse group of people working together with a common goal to simply provide good nutritious food to the Portland community and support local farms and vendors.

The Pantry is open to everyone from all walks of life.

If you would like to discuss this more we can be reached directly at [I’ve deleted the number — RD].

John and Chauncy Childs


Furthermore, these people have wonderful values: “local products, a strong connection to local farms and educating customers about food and farms. For example:”

Because the market is farmer owned, Moreland Farmers Pantry provides a direct connection between grower and consumer, taking “farm to table” a step further into our everyday lives. We also partner with other farmers to make a wide variety of real and safe food available to the neighborhood. See a list of suppliers, which we’ll update as sources and seasons change. The market will also curate tours of local farms, placing an emphasis on educating Portland’s children from all walks of life about where their food comes from, how it’s raised, and how good healthy can taste.

Dreher writes on the potential consequences:

the Portlandia Sharia Squad is trying to destroy the entire business by pressuring its suppliers, and extending no forgiveness or grace to the couple that owns this business. If they succeed, I presume this will put all the farm’s employees out of work. The Childs family invested a lot of money to create an organic farm on what was unused land. Now, that may all be about to be taken from them by this boycott. What’s more, to destroy the Childs’ business will hurt small artisans, farmers, and food producers who would sell products through the Moreland Farmers Pantry, but who will be denied outlets for their products, and in any case may not be able to afford to sell through the Childs, because they too could see their businesses destroyed by the boycott.

And this is the liberal mob speaking (from the boycott Facebook page):

Boycott Moreland Farmers Pantry shared a link.
April 4
It’s too late Chauncy. Cut your ties with our community and leave.


Seriously. Like Germany with the ascending Nazis: Jew, get out and take your dirty business out of here. You are not fit for society.

BTW, in case you’re new to this blog, I have been banned from commenting at Dreher/TAC, because you know how much they value a market place of ideas and are all for tolerance and diversity. Dreher shamelessly labels himself a pious Christian on top of it.

Some good comments:

Erin Manning says: April 7, 2014 at 12:30 am

To sum up the liberal talking points on these threads:

1. Christians participate in boycotts, so Christians have no moral ground to question a lynch mob running a small business out of town.

2. In 2014, people should know better than to try to run a business while also voicing any conservative political or religious views. Nabisco ™ and Chrysler ™ and other global multinational corporations can lecture the sad, backward masses who buy their products on how wholesome and family-oriented the gay agenda is, and Mozilla ™ can fire Eich for his heresy, but a small, local business had better not display any similar heretical dissent to the Official Religion of the Marketplace (which is, of course, Sex and Consumption Without Consequences). Because the marketplace will punish them justly and rightly, just as soon as the lynch mob of freethinkers gets their marching orders from Facebook. ™

3. Because Christians never spoke out when gay people were being shot down in the streets by the millions, etc., Christians have no right to complain about such mild, peaceful measures as harassing a business out of existence or destroying people’s jobs or livelihoods. Goose, gander. (Off-topic: I’m getting a bit amused by the constant use of that particular phrase–surely it’s insensitive to the many homosexual goose-goose and gander–gander couples out there, not to mention the goose who deeply believes she is a gander and ought to be referred to with a different pronoun…)

4. If Christians want to be left alone, all they have to do is show love and respect to gay people, which is defined as “Never, ever voicing any criticism of gay life or behavior and never expressing the mildest sort of belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, as this is the kind of hate speech that makes gay children commit suicide, and only evil bigots say any such thing, especially in America in 2014 when everybody should know better than to say that sort of inflammatory, derogatory, mass of trigger words and microagression out loud where anybody might hear it and collapse from the sheer emotional trauma of being reminded that marriage ever reflected the idea of opposite-gender complementarity or any other bad, horrible notion that people used to believe back in the bad old days when sex actually had consequences and you couldn’t shop at a global multinational billion dollar big-box store enterprise any day of the week including Sunday.”

Did I miss anything? I’m still reeling from the “Of course small, local businesses are better than big companies–except when the big companies promote the gay agenda and the small local business, which has nothing to do with gay stuff anyway, doesn’t…” change of front; I thought liberals *liked* gritty, individualistic small local companies, but I guess commitment to gay ideology and marching in lockstep with the agenda of the gay totalitarians is more important than the small local thing.


Rombald says: April 6, 2014 at 10:50 pm

Seriously, why are left-liberals so monomaniac about gay rights? Why not boycott businesses known to treat their employees badly, or to engage in environmentally destructive practices?

Even if one is strongly pro-gay, surely one can see that there are more important issues??

Alessandra replies: Because… they are just hypocritical garbage of people. As simple as that. Liberals perpetrate millions of acts of violence and harm in society every year. If they were serious, they would need to drive themselves out of every town. And if they weren’t complete hypocrites, they wouldn’t do business or buy products from most countries around the world. But this is a mob – an ugly, vicious, sexually perverted mob; do not expect any ethics or rationality or consistency about the defense of human rights. These are just thugs dressed up in “progressive” propaganda.


EliteComInc. says: April 6, 2014 at 7:40 pm

And to any attempt to end round the matter by an appeal that fear of retribution or outing themselves not to prosecute leaves the question among all of the reason in the general public as why people choose not to prosecute.

I am going to continue to whittle away at the attempt to climb on the civil rights redress of blacks or native Americans. I am not among that breed of people who ignore the reality that homosexuals occupy positions of power, wealth and influence in every rung of US society such that it rebuffs the contend of en masse harm from abuse as to the Constitution, behavior legal or not, it’s been little enforced.

What should be embarrassing to anyone making this case is that this is about how the community feels, not what has been denied them. Between the advance of women’s groups and homosexuals in both groups largely white a new body of law is being advanced based not constitutional violations, but personal hurt. It must have been the cultural stupidity of blacks not to have seen the real key to equality. If they had only known– “aha, the law needs to makes us feel good.” Employment was not the issue. Police treatment (measured not rhetoric but by the record in nearly every city) was not the issue. Access to education was not the problem. And then incorporating into a society that by and large ad excluded me and resented my inclusion was not the issue. It was my feelings. Those poor ignorant black people. Unrestrained and devoid any real sense of argument, they argued on the merits of the law and real injustice as opposed to their emotional harm.

If they only knew.


And a nice connection to the Mozilla/Eich debacle.

M_Young posts : April 6, 2014 at 12:14 pm – an excerpt describing the typical profile of  the tech crowd that ousted Brendan Eich.

” Entrepreneurs were showing off their products, and two young Australian men, David Boulton and Jethro Batts, stood behind the podium to give their presentation. “Titstare is an app where you take photos of yourself staring at tits,” Mr. Boulton began, as photographs of women’s chests on a cellphone flashed on the screen behind him.
After some banter, Mr. Batts concluded, “This is the breast hack ever.”
The crowd — overwhelmingly young, white, hoodie-wearing men — guffawed. “

M_Young: “These are the people many of you seem convinced would have abandoned Mozilla had Eich not been fired.”


Nick says: April 6, 2014 at 6:21 pm

The whole notion of a “hate crime” is a lie. You don’t commit crimes out of love. No, the “hate crime” designation was manufactured to punish thoughts, not conduct. Thus, not surprisingly, the statistics only show that those the elites want to cast as victims are, in fact, victims of “hate crimes”. Those the elites disfavor cannot, ipso facto, be the victims of “hate crimes” so, not surprisingly, they never show up in the data. Which naturally serves to justify stigmatizing and punishing those who are only ever the perpetrators of “hate crimes” and never the victims. Create a lie, fabricate a victim and use the power of the state to punish your enemies. That is the “progressive” way.


Josh McGee says:

“Mr. Childs realized that words had been spoken and it was time for action. He proposed to donate to a local LGBT program in Portland as a show of good faith. This was before any press was involved. I agreed that was a great start and once that was achieved I would take the YouTube video down.”

LOLZOLOLZOZOL. Folks like Mr. Childs need to realize that this has always been the nature of the movement. They do not want equality, they want cultural power. They want approval and the silencing of dissent. That is what it has always been about. Giving ransom money to their pet causes is mere weakness and will only cause them to go on the offensive at an even greater pace. They hate people like Mr. Childs. They’ll take his money, but they’ll steal seek to take him down…..

Maybe good-boy Sean should offer Mr. Childs an offer wherein Mr. Childs pays a monthly stipend to LGBT causes in exchange for ‘neighborhood protection and goodwill’. At this point, Childs has shown he’ll agree to it……


midtown says: April 5, 2014 at 6:50 pm

I’ve become extremely discouraged by the Eich news. I was hoping American society could remain cohesive despite radically different moral values. I was worried after the bakery stuff, but the Eich travesty has made it crystal clear that liberals have absolutely no desire to tolerate other thought. Up to now, I took pride in having friends and business associates of people from a wide swath of political and moral views. Now, though, I am convinced liberals want to destroy people like me. We’re entering a cold(?) civil war.


Josh McGee says: April 5, 2014 at 7:22 pm

Thursday is absolutely right about this being a substantive dispute, according to how the ‘struggle’ has been framed these recent years. Which is precisely why folks like Mr. Childs should never, ever start paying the protection racket.

Fine, go visit the house. Fine, be genuinely honest about where you stand. But don’t pay them money in the belief that it will smooth everything over. It won’t. They hate Childs and those like him – they really do see him as evil. Paying them money will only make you seem weaker (it probably weakens you in reality), inviting more vultures to the scene. The only option at that point was for Childs was to go on the offensive, strategically.


Jamie Estevez says:

What these adherents to what I call “The Religion of Tolerance and Diversity” want is what the Communist Party had in the Soviet Union which was complete control over who got hired and who did not and why. If you did not abandon your religious beliefs in the Soviet Union there were many jobs you were banned from working in no matter how qualified you were for the job. This is economic warfare and like I said when it starts effecting Blue Collar Americans, I think you will see a backlash and maybe even a violent one. This is a dangerous path that the radical homosexual activists and there supporters are now taking because they are polarizing the country and fanning the flames of radicalism on the other side as well even though they think “history is on their side”. History is not on their side, Federal and State governments are on their side. They have the weight of government behind them but those are the same governments that are widely unpopular by a vast majority of the American people.


Peterk says: April 5, 2014 at 1:23 pm



need to bring back the dunkin stool so we can determine who is innocent or not.

where is the new Arthur Miller who will write an updated The Crucible?

Which liberal/progressive will allow their name to replace McCarthy’s?


W_Nelson says:

Rod, you keep looking for natural law or some sort of reasonableness to kick in here. It’s not going to.

Homosexuals are in rebellion with God on a primal level — with who God created them to be. There is no neutrality here: it’s primal, existential — you don’t just take or leave the issue.

The town just isn’t big enough for the cognitive dissonance.

Once you remove the Law of God, and we have, something WILL fill that space — “Natural” law is open to debate without a defining law-word delivered by revelation.

And that’s why it’s been an IMMEDIATE change — we are finding ourselves on the other side of the civil law, and that’s why it’s biting back so quickly. This isn’t going to stop, and can’t be repaired without directly acknowledging God’s moral law culturally.

We are now *literally* criminals. What does society do with criminals?


[And I have to say, this one was just wonderful. And we end on a smiling note]

Elijah says: April 5, 2014 at 2:04 pm

In ref the Amish – I live near some Amish families and they are salt of the earth people. Good (raw) milk, great vegetables, always willing to lend a hand. People don’t bother to ask about their very conservative religious beliefs because they treat the Amish like cute little mantel ornaments rather than actual people.Plus, whenever I visit their farm, I almost always get to greet the farmer – Elmer. How could you not love a man named Elmer?