It’s all about pleasing the market says the fairy. No, it’s all about the culture wars and persecuting decent people says Alessandra.



I thought you righties worshiped the market? It became clear that Eich’s statements were going to affect the bottom line. From a business perspective, it seems like a pretty obvious decision.


That’s what happens when you have gay mafia employees… it hurts the operation of your company


Wow, gay mafia? You clearly have no knowledge of organized crime. Or business either, because Mozilla is pretty profitable.

Mozilla’s operation has been hurt by these crappy homosexuality agenda people. And it was profitable with Eich, who created and built it, and it would have continued to be profitable with Eich as CEO.
But we don’t expect pink thugs to face reality.


If it was going to be profitable with Eich as CEO, after the public hearing his comments, he would not have been forced to resign. The reality is contrary to your beliefs. Many, many customers disagree with Eich’s comments. These customers have an easy way out–there are a lot of browsers freely available. The board realized this, and made the decision that maximizes profits. It’s quite simple from a business perspective.


LOL Many, many customers disagree with the gay mafia. In case it’s news to you, the majority of the world disagrees with your homosexuality agenda.

Here’s the real story: The gay mafia inside Mozilla is powerful, so it has power to persecute anyone who has a decent view of sexuality and relationships. This has nothing to do with the bottom line – it’s all about the culture wars.
Check out the feedback board at Mozilla – 95% negative feedback – that’s the reality of the world.


Yeah, you are wrong about the majority of the world. But since we’re talking about the US, you should probably realize that the majority of the US approves of gay marriage. Also, it’s legal in the majority of the western world. You are correct however, Iran, India, N Korea, etc, do agree with you.

As for your last paragraph, it’s pure fantasy. Can you can give me a single verified source for a “gay mafia”?

Finally, it’s -always- about the bottom line. If it were more profitable to be anti-homesexual, every company in the world would be saying the same things you are. However, it’s not. Microsoft, Apple, Asus, Mozilla, Samsung, Google, all support equality. Whatever device you are using to respond to me, whatever browser you are using, you are supporting equality. So thanks for that.


But the idea behind Mozilla is to be global, not just serve American liberals with a homosexuality agenda. However, it’s clear the gay mafia inside Mozilla, OKCupid, and elsewhere have destroyed the global purpose of the company. If the bottom line is about majority, the last thing Mozilla is doing now is serving the majority. Your bottom line claim is a hoax.

“As for your last paragraph, it’s pure fantasy. Can you can give me a single verified source for a “gay mafia”?”

LOL here’s the latest and most blatant example: the people who put Eich’s head on a spike and ousted him from the company he built up from nothing, because of their nasty homosexuality agenda

“However, it’s not. Microsoft, Apple, Asus, Mozilla, Samsung, Google, all support equality.”

Since a homosexuality agenda has nothing to do with equality, but simply pushing the notion that people with dysfunctional and deformed sexual psychologies are not responsible in treating their psychological problems, it is not about equality. It is about normalizing psychologically twisted people instead of having them resolve their problems.

One can see why that notion is popular today (surprise! surprise!) but it still causes great harm and violence in society.


“LOL here’s the latest and most blatant example: the people who put Eich’s head on a spike”. You guys watch too much Fox News. Nobody’s head was put on a spike. Nobody was killed. Nobody was even harmed. Your fear-mongering is laughable. A wealthy man lost his job because his statements would have caused customers to use a rival product. It’s business 101.


Really, so when the Nazis established a law that said that no Jew could hold public office and kicked out all the ones who did, is that what you said? Why the alarm, you sillies?

You Jews watch too much Fox News! Your heads haven’t been put on a spike. You haven’t been killed. We’re just kicking you out of the job that you would have performed beautifully because a part of the population deeply hates you with their ugly hearts.

And most of you Jews are rich, so what’s the problem anyway?
It’s business and politics as usual.
Well, that’s kind of what said actually.

I have no idea why you think I’m Jewish. I’m not,

And I’m sure you already know this, so I hate to insult your intelligence. But there is a stark difference between making a law that prevents religious and cultural groups from holding public office, and a private company deciding to remove a board member who might hurt profits.

Because if Nazis kicked out every Jewish CEO from every company, it would be OK?

Maybe the difference isn’t as stark as you claim…

As for you thinking that I was thinking you were Jewish… Jesus! here I am talking to a person whose reading comprehension is nil!!!