What shall we do with the  ‘Yes on 8′ donors? asks the gay mafia.

As if it was up to these people to decide the fate of decent social conservatives in society (whom they hate and want to persecute). As if socons were their property to do with as they pleased. As if they were a kangaroo court passing down a sentence, or a group of dictatorship thugs who doesn’t know yet where to ship a group of prisoners.

People who are pushing for a homosexual agenda have one goal and one goal only: to destroy the opposition. Now it’s just a matter of discussing the tactics to achieve their goal.

For a very nice article on Mozillagate, see Jim Parker’s “Should A Belief Cost You Your Job?

Very well reasoned and nicely explained. He writes, “While many Christian writers have decried the bullying that resulted in Eich’s “voluntary stepping down” at Mozilla, they have been met with opposing arguments from the other side that include hypothetical situations, which would supposedly result in Christians responding in the same fashion as Mozilla did with Eich. For example, what if the CEO of a prominent Christian organization was suddenly outted as being an atheist? ”

Then Jim asks three very important questions:

  • Does the privately held belief directly conflict with the foundational mission of the company / organization or does it merely appear to stand at odds with tertiary corporate beliefs?
  • Is there direct evidence that the privately held belief has been practiced within the organization to such an extent that laws governing the workplace have been broken?
  • Is the privately held belief strongly, continually, and abusively promoted to workers within the organization by the person or is it simply practiced and evangelized by the individual outside of the professional workplace setting?

After answering them, he concludes, “As you can probably guess, I believe the ousting of Mozilla’s Brendan Eich is both unjust and contradictory as there is little doubt that those behind his removal preach tolerance, anti-bigotry, free speech / expression, and unity and yet have acted in an intolerant, bigoted, anti-free speech / expression and divisive fashion. I’m not alone in my opinion as many non-Christians and secularists have said much the same. ”

The issue is we are in the midst of a culture war, and therefore liberals are not going to stop, listen to reason, and give a whit about ethics. It’s a war for dominance by thugs. Anyone who fell for the the line “homosexuals just want tolerance” and “LGBTs are just like us” is an idiot. Co-existence is not possible.

And if it’s not plain to see, the personal beliefs of all these homosexuality agenda employees interfered with their work and the very objective of the company they work for. Because, like a lynch mob, they ousted a great CEO. It was not the CEO who did anything bad to the company, it’s the people pushing for a homosexuality agenda that moved to destroy the leadership of the company and its mission. And in this case, the CEO embodied the company and its ideals like no one else, having founding it and dedicating himself to it with heart and soul.

First the came for the CEOs…