A comment on Volokh
7:15 AM GMT+0200 [Edited]

You think the sole reason for the growing (if still underground) sentiment to dismantle state-sponsored marriage is the gay thing? Not even close. The worthlessness of contemporary marriage – no-fault frivolous divorce, egregious child custody and support orders, the crassness of the “big day” weddings that value the party over the actual marriage – all of this has discredited the current system in the eyes of millions, especially those who have been victims. Gay “marriage” is just the final symptom of a dying institution that can’t be salvaged, nor should be.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that liberals have truly destroyed marriage into a vapid circus. But how could people who engage in promiscuity, porn, and hook-ups think otherwise?

Indeed, it’s what I have been saying. The normalization of homosexuality is only one part of  a package  normalizing all sorts of harmful, perverted, and nasty attitudes about sex and relationships.

That is the liberal agenda.

And there is an abyss between what such people think and how they view relationships (of all kinds) and people who think about marriage seriously in a traditional way.