Just watched NBC’s Brian Williams’s interview with Snowden. Oh how this is dragging on and on. I seriously underestimated how long it would take for anything to come to light. Greenwald is promising some new revelations in the next three months or so. Let us forecast that into another year of waiting. Anyways, it makes for a great circus to see government officials who are defending a surveillance and undemocratic state try to smear Snowden in every way they desperately set their minds to. It’s sad that no mass media outlet has the courage to ask tough questions when interviewing Kerry, Clapper, et al. Such puppets. And then they point fingers to their equivalent puppets in Russia. Seriously, you would think the world could produce more intelligence than this.

DSK and “Welcome to New York”

I’ve been delighted every time I look up the news and see one more article on the new DSK (Dominique Straus Kahn) film “Welcome to New York,” detailing how grotesque and putrid he is. Well, allegedly the film is not about him, that’s the beauty of it. And it will be interesting to see if DSK can sue the filmmaker about it, given that French defamation laws have as a primary objective to protect any and all corrupt French rats from exposure. How nice if he failed and it just brought more publicity to the film and to DSK and his wife’s respective sordid minds. Even more delightful is that the filmmaker had the savviness to portray DSK’s wife as fully supportive and collusive with her criminal husband. My thoughts exactly. I was also immensely amused about all the clamoring from the French press about what a horrible film this is. Yes, it may be – I haven’t watched it because I read it was sleazy soft porn half of the time – but it shows what a horrible man their French president-to-be was and is. And that is what irks the French the most: exposure of their rotten selves. So they all rally behind the criticisms that this isn’t great movie-making. It’s great morality making but most French with a media voice are too corrupt to appreciate the fact.

The other thing that took me completely by surprise is Depardieu’s participation in all of this. First, given that I don’t follow any French movie making topics, I had no idea such a movie was in production. Much less with Depardieu. Second, I don’t know much about Depardieu, but I would have never imagined he would attack a sex criminal. First, because most of French movie/television people (and their counterparts elsewhere, Hoolywood, heh!) is composed of a bunch of sexually perverted and corrupt individuals. Second, because I remember being disgusted by reading an article on Depardieu discussing the alleged fact that Depardieu either took part or went along to passively witness a gang rape in his youth days. To see a French person, and not only that, but a major movie actor, who was involved in a rape, attack Dominique Straus Kahn for being sordid was very surprising. The French are generally so tremendously corrupt in their attitudes and behaviors about sex – and they are smug about it. They all go along with the game and get their attitudes reinforced by their society – they are usually so disgusting.

Nevertheless, it was reported Depardieu did the movie because he specifically dislikes Straus Kahn. Why, one wonders? And the Ferrara guy, that’s surprising too. I also don’t know anything about him, but I quickly read an interview and he speaks with such a potty mouth. Potty-mouth Holywood director makes film attacking French sex criminal? Everything is so surprising about the context of this film.

By, the way, I loved the poster for the movie, the idea for the photograph and its result, and the text “Do you know who I am?”

Elliot Rodger

I was surprised and dismayed with the news and blog coverage of the California killing spree by Elliot Rodger. Again, loads of demonization of the young man. But no one that I saw bothered to ask what was done to this boy to make him develop such deep and grave psychological and emotional problems. Children that are treated well don’t develop such problems. My question: was Elliot emotionally (and otherwise) abused by his parents or others around him? What happened all along his history?

How sad that no one is capable of asking these simple but fundamental questions.