Another nice observation in the Linker article comments – see two previous posts.

is anyone else seeing a shift in the language from ‘liberal’ to ‘progressive’? and what if it’s not just a shift in language, but also in political identity? that could eliminate the ‘hypocrisy’ of the left’s intolerance of the intolerant.

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     My reply:

    Nicely pointed out. Yes, I’ve noticed. Their other ridiculous label “the reality based community” never really caught on much – maybe it was too long. And conservatives have nicely succeeded in making “liberal” have an association to a morally degenerate, irresponsible person, so I guess liberals must move on to new labels.

    Like “evolved” or the “right side of history” refrain – sounds like a Mao-like kind of propaganda phrase – but in an obscenely affluent capitalistic consumerist perverted context. It is a bizarre mixture. What human beings become when they become affluent and lose all send of morality: junk of people.

    As liberals prove, in an echo chamber, everything is possible. The Nazis also always underscored how much progress they were bringing to society.


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