So I went down to the “Internet saloon” to have a little “saloon” type exchange today in the comments to this article from Damon Linker on why he is now speaking in defense of religious liberty.

And in response to:

Wait… so aren’t you being intolerant of the intolerance that liberals are displaying towards the intolerance of conservatives?

I came up with:

Intolerance against the intolerable is tolerance, that is, tolerance of our tolerance which is not intolerance because it’s just tolerance of our most evolved liberal selves or something

Just having fun 😀

Which leads us to the question, as a result of the culture wars, can anyone use the word “tolerance” with its correct meaning, or has it now been forever disfigured by liberals? Like the rainbow also – marred and tainted by this recent association to homosexuality. It used to be such a pretty symbol. Now it’s just a tool of the ugliest of propagandas, used to cover up a nasty sexual sewer.