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Excellent comment in a Guardian thread (“Theresa May’s long overdue child abuse inquiry must prioritise the powerless not the establishment”):

sumwot: The Guardian continues to deliberately confuse the establishment paedophilia with the institutionalised abuse in Rochdale and many other towns and cities. It’s almost like the South Yorkshire Police – deliberately publicising one to deflect attention from the other.

Let’s be clear – Rotherham is not about rich establishment figures protecting themselves – it is about professions (police, social work, local government officials, teachers, probation officers, GPs) who knew what was happening and failed to act.

This is entirely separate and on a far greater scale than whatever went on in Westminster and the BBC.

It is also very probably still going on in many other towns.

The silence of the Guardian and indeed the professions concerned is a disgrace.

Very perfectly summarized/analyzed. And in this case, these professionals and middle managers were often liberals (people who think homosexuality, porn, and promiscuity are normal), and who constantly attack social conservatives as horrible people for not submitting to their corrupt sexuality ideology.

Please click the link below and sign the petition. Too often the decision is made to cover up and/or minimise wrong doing including any abuse of power perpetrated by officers and staff of regulated activities with kids.

Help introduce a law requiring adults working with children to report alleged abuse #MandateNow

Related to this post on the Rotherham scandal and Peter Tatchell, I dug up an old post that I had posted in my old blog (Blogsome) on December 18, 2010, but which never got reposted here. My comments to what is reported in the article have been interspersed within double brackets.

Britain’s Leading Gay  Homosexual Pedophile Activist Calls for Lowering of Age of Consent to 14

  • Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:15 EST

LONDON, September 1, 2010 ( – One of Britain’s leading homosexualist activists has called again for the lowering of the age of sexual consent from 16 to 14, saying that this will reduce incidents of sexual abuse of young people.

[[What this will do is to give any child less of a chance to say he/she was exploited, coerced, manipulated or pushed along to have sex. In other words, it will always reinforce that the sexual activity was consensual, if there was no physical violence involved.]]

Peter Tatchell, founder of the group OutRage!, wrote on the website Big Think:

 “Whether we like it or not, many teenagers have their first sexual experience around the ages of 14 or 15. If we want to protect young people, and I do, the best way to do this is not by threatening them with arrest, but by giving them frank, high quality sex and relationship education from an early age.”

[[The best way to protect young people is to let them reach a more mature age so that they can make the best decisions for their lives. Only an ideology fit for a pedophile will want to encourage sexually active children from an early age. This is how homosexual pedophiles “think of children’s wellbeing.”]]

“This includes empowering them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to say no to unwanted sexual advances and to report sex abusers. Compared to the blanket criminalization of sexually-active under-age youth, this empowerment strategy is a more effective way to protect young people from peer pressure and pedophiles.”

[[And now this homosexual retard called Tatchell is saying someone is actually telling children to say yes to child abusers? No one, absolutely no one, is doing that. We could, however, mention the media do it all the time–the liberal media, that is. Every time it sends messages to children that they too are sexual objects, and that they must have sex as early as possible to feel grown up, or that pornography and promiscuity are fine models for human sexuality, they tell children to abuse themselves.

Nevertheless, officially, there are educational campaigns everywhere to educate society about child abuse. Yet, it keeps on happening. Doesn’t the homo pedophile Tatchell know that children are already being taught to report abuse, but they don’t because, often enough, they are going to be accused of having wanted the sex, of having seduced the abuser, etc etc? This is exactly what he is proposing. Doesn’t the homosexual retard know that the majority of sexual abuse cases have youngsters as victims?]]

A higher age of consent actually puts young teens at greater risk of abuse by “reinforcing the idea that young people under 16 have no sexual rights,” Tatchell said.


“They signal that a young person is not capable of making a rational, moral choice about when to have sex.”

[[And that is right. Speaking on average, a 16 year-old is much more capable to make a rational, moral choice about when and in what circumstances to have sex. And an 18 year-old even more. Two years at that age makes a world of a difference.]]

“Guilt and shame about sex also increase the likelihood of molestation by encouraging the furtiveness and secrecy on which abuse thrives,” he added.

[[And so if one made the same abusive relation “legal,” as he proposes, then the kids are not supposed to feel guilt and shame? Mr. Tatchell is a piece of turd who should be behind bars.]]

“Despite what the puritans and sex-haters say, underage sex is mostly consenting, safe, and fun,” Tatchell said.

[[Yet the greater number of sexual abuse cases happens to youngsters (ages below 21). Despite what all homosexual pedophiles say, there are a significant number of “underage” sexual experiences which are abusive, exploitative, overly immature, damaging, desensitizing, etc. This is not a numbers game, as this homo pedophile would like to spin it. What does a homosexual piece of turd like Mr Tatchell care about child abuse and exploitation? Absolutely nothing. The priority for society should always be to protect the most vulnerable and to shield from the worst types of experiences, such as sexual exploitation and abuse.

If a youngster is not allowed to drive or to vote in elections before they are 18, it is so for very good reasons. They are incapable of living on their own at 14 for very fundamental reasons. Young teens are very easily influenced and manipulated. No matter how well they have been brought up, they are not adults, and they are not ready to deal with a variety of adult aspects of life at that age. ]]

“If there is harm caused, it is usually not as a result of sex, per se, but because of emotional abuse within relationships and because of unsafe sex, which can pass on infections and make young girls pregnant when they are not ready for motherhood.”

[[Sex can never be taken out of the emotional context of the situation. Sex can never be taken out of the multiple power hierarchies that are present between the participants. The rates of STDs among adult homosexuals are rising enormously everywhere. If a great number of adults with a homosexual problem cannot act responsibly, what can one expect for young teens? And remember, one in four homosexual men have been involved in an abusive domestic violence relationship. That’s the slime of people who want to get their hands on 14 year old boys.

This is outrageous.

Britain is in the sewer.

Despite what homosexual pedophiles say, there are a significant number of “underage” sexual experiences which are abusive, exploitative, overly immature, damaging, desensitizing, etc. Not to mention that it is sex outside a committed, mature marriage.

But what does a homosexual pedophile like Mr Tatchell actually know about child abuse and exploitation? Absolutely nothing, unless he’s perpetrated some of it himself*.

The priority for society should always be to protect its most vulnerable members and to shield them from the worst types of experiences, such as sexual exploitation and abuse, engaging in banal and demeaning sex, and unwanted pregnancies at 14.

What exactly happened in Rotherham? Exactly what I described above, down to very last detail.]]

*In 1997, Tatchell wrote a letter to the Guardian, where he defended an academic book about Adult ‘Boy-Love’ and called it courageous.  He said the book documented ‘examples of societies where consenting inter-generational sex is considered normal’. And he concluded: ‘The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. ‘While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.’

Then, when pressed, he says he is against adults having sex with children – but it was a great joy! You see what he did there? “I’m against it people, I’m not a homosexual pedophile shit, but hey, it’s great, especially from the ages of 9 to 13.” That’s the homosexual shit that Tatchell is.

If there is one major lesson that everyone needs to take from the Rotherham scandal, it is this one. The most essential action for anyone working on a report on child exploitation or abuse is to keep copies of your work away from your office and home.

In that case, should anyone try to raid either one and take away or destroy evidence, transcripts, reports, drafts, etc., you have your copies safely stored.

Rotherham council staff ‘seized files and wiped computers to cover up scale of child sex grooming’

  • Council officials ‘ordered raid on youth service ahead of 2000 report’
  • ‘Seized nothing but details of abuse victims, alleged attackers and cases’

Imagine if this social worker had done this in 2002!

I’m not blaming her, because it’s clear she hadn’t the faintest clue she was working in a vile, corrupt system. She was doing her work properly. But she was naive. Oh, how sad.

In 2002 high profile personnel at Rotherham Council ordered a raid on Risky Business, Rotherham council’s specialist youth service, which offered one-to-one help and support to vulnerable teenage girls, ahead of the findings of a draft report, according to the Times.

The raid was to remove case files and wipe computer records detailing the scale and severity of the town’s sex-grooming crisis, sources told The Times.

It took place shortly after senior police and council staff became aware of the contents of the draft report of a 2000-01 research project that found evidence of a hidden child sex abuse scandal.

Files which revealed victims, offenders and how individual cases were handled by the child-protection authorities were removed.

The draft report was intended to form part of a national Home Office pilot project on child sexual exploitation in several English towns. The chapter on Rotherham remains unpublished to this day.

A researcher claims she refused to follow order by senior council officials instructing her to “remove or rewrite” sections of the report, which criticised the repeated failure of police and social services to protect children from identified abusers of Pakistani origin.


A former social worker at Rotherham Council has accused the council of deliberately under-reporting the number of children at risk to meet targets, while the children themselves were overlooked.

Speaking anonymously to BBC News, she said some victims were not officially registered and just allowed to disappear.


It emerged that there had been three previous reports into the problem which had been suppressed or ignored by officials, either because they did not like or did not believe the findings.

The report said failures of the political and officer leadership of Rotherham council over the first 12 years she looked at were blatant, as the seriousness of the problem was underplayed by senior managers and was not seen as a priority by South Yorkshire police. Jay said police “regarded many child victims with contempt”.

These failures occured despite three reports between 2002 and 2006 “which could not have been clearer in the description of the situation in Rotherham”.

She said the first of these reports was “effectively suppressed” because senior officers did not believe the data. The other two were ignored, she added.


The other thing that I don’t understand is just how naive are these social workers when their reports are suppressed? I mean, if their superiors steal their data and destroy it, that’s one thing, it’s gone. But if they simply suppress the report, meaning discard it and shelf it, then the social worker simply forgets about the issue as well? Have they never heard of whistle blowing? Going to politicians, charities, the media?

I’m sorry, but it seems such a social worker is more interested in their career than in the safe guarding of children.

What disgusting people.

In an article about the Rotherham scandal, he writes:

What interests me most about this Rotherham case are ones I think about all the time, in other contexts:

What strategies do we deploy to keep ourselves from knowing what we don’t wish to know?

How can we overcome them?

Anyone who has followed my “Reflections” blog  (and my sister blog about posts that I write that get censored around the Net) knows exactly what strategy Dreher deploys: censorship. He simply silences anyone who writes truths he doesn’t like to face  in comments to his articles (and others at the TAC site). And if you insist, like I did, he bans you from commenting on the site. Obviously Dreher knows best of all that he deploys censorship every time he encounters such truths – so why is he asking the question of what “strategies” are used?

I mean, there’s one major hypocrite of a man.

Let us answer his second question: How can Dreher overcome his deployment  of censorship to erase  truths he doesn’t wish to face? Has Dreher ever heard of honesty?

As I tried to comment on different articles and as I tried to bring attention to a variety of issues concerning destructive or harmful attitudes and behaviors related to LGBT folks, Dreher wiped them out. He wants absolute silence, he wants no awareness, he wants to participate in a media cover up. Just like the officials and the liberal media did in Rotherham. Censor,  dismiss facts, silence discussions, erase awareness, collude and enable perpetrators.

Let us not forget that England is the country where Owen John and his wife Eunice were denied by the state to be foster parents because they had a decent, moral, and healthy view of sexuality and were therefore painted as unfit human beings by the liberal childcare system – this while atrocious liberals who think homosexuality and porn are normal and are involved
in this scandal let children be abused right and left while doing nothing.

If any of these 1,400 Rotherham children had been placed with the John’s, they would have found a safe, loving home, and would have never been exploited or abused. But no, the Johns were branded criminals and horrible people by these disgusting liberal “social workers” with their nasty and destructive homosexuality agenda.

What was the John’s crime? Having a decent and wholesome mind about sexuality. Providing a safe and loving home to needy children, giving them a moral and ethical upbringing, teaching them a healthy outlook on sexuality and relationships, exemplified by their own lifelong behaviors.

This is what is wrong with the UK today. These are the garbage, irresponsible, fanatical people who infest the social work and psychology fields.

Why doesn’t the public in England put pressure on its politicians to take harsh action in this matter?

For one, laws can be changed, as in mandatory reporting, safeguarding for whistle blowers, harsher penalties for abusers, building shelters and special police departments for abuse victims, etc. Many more direct perpetrators could go to prison if re-investigations were done, and all the politicians, police, and care workers who somehow covered up or colluded with the perpetrators could also go to prison.

And even if the current English law structure doesn’t allow for the imprisonment of civil servants – and what kind of a country is England if that is the case ? – than at least these people could remain unemployed for the rest of their lives and shunned from society – as their punishment for willingly cooperating in the abuse and destruction of countless, vulnerable young
lives. And resignations and firings are not enough – the law in such cases of failure to take appropriate action or to destroy evidence and engage in cover ups related to abuse of children must take away the person’s pension, in addition to their job.

There is a lot that could be done legally, politically, and socially – but it seems that England is so corrupt that no one stands up for anything, even in the face of what is most evil about the country.

A point made by Christopher Booker in The Telegraph: “Two years ago I reported on how Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale, disclosed in the Commons something of the horrors that had been going on in his constituency, where social workers had encouraged the mass-rape of underage girls in “care”, on the grounds that it was merely their “life choice” to become prostitutes.”

At 11, 12, and 13 years of age! Having come from broken homes and de-stabilizing environments, and all sorts of abusive histories.

These workers are the same garbage of people who think homosexuality, pornography, and loveless sex is normal and who want to shove this horrendous liberal ideology down everyone’s throats. And who now control most social work and psychology/psychiatric institutions. They are corrupt to the core. It is a disgrace how degenerate and smug and snotty they have become at the same time.

And let us not forget England’s favorite homosexual pedophile activist, Peter Tatchell, who has fervently  campaigned, along with all his other monstrous homosexual and liberal pals, for lowering the age of consent laws in the UK to 14, before they eliminate limits all together. And why? Because he says that’s “how society will protect children from abuse.

Look at what this liberal discourse has done to lives of hundreds of children: it’s profoundly contributed to and often ensured their neglect, their abandonment by workers and police when they were being terrorized, exploited, and abused, who dismissed it all as these kids making “choices” and having greater “sexual freedom.”

What kind of a society even listens to such a grotesque individual as Tatchell? Why isn’t he branded and shunned for what he truly is? A vile, homosexual pedophile piece of crap.

We have all heard about many sexual abuse scandals involving children. But the Rotherham one was shocking to me. It’s shocking because of its size (the number of victims, families, perpetrators, and professionals involved) and the depth of the collusion and cover up – every government body and institution involved to protect the children in the case colluded and abetted with abusers – for years and years. And it seems this includes government officials in the highest echelons. So sad.

And, there was also the UK media. The media that is now churning out article after article, report after report, time-lines, interviews, opinion pieces – where were they for the past 16 years? Where were the media institutions who call themselves “progressives”, like the BBC and the Guardian, who attack social conservatives as horrible people? In silence. In their ugly, collusive, criminal silence. They were silent all over England, because the UK media just can’t investigate the subject and bring public attention to it. They must remain in silence until after thousands of children are abused. It’s disgusting.

And finally there is England herself, I mean, the people. While there are people who are truly disgusted and do not want to see such things happen, who really cares in England? The English come across as an ugly, spineless, degenerate people, constantly preoccupied with material affluence and celebrity and royalty issues, having adopted every destructive liberal attitude and behavior possible regarding sexuality and relationships, and being corrupt, corrupt to the core.

So now we discover that the UK has no mandatory abuse report laws. And, if I remember correctly, the same is true still in many places in the US and in so many other countries. The rot is extensive.

Then we also find out that except one or two officials, every other single corrupt and collusive British official, policeman, and care worker related to this scandal is still working in their positions, after having ensured the horrible abuse of hundreds of children. None have been sanctioned in any way. No disciplinary actions have been taken. There are calls for resignations, but how can people sit there calling for such monsters to merely resign? The punishment in England for letting children be terrorized and sexually abused is resignation? For halting police and other investigations, for destroying evidence, for threatening or dismissing the victims? The only thing people demand is for these monsters to lose their freaking job? No, any garbage of politician, councilor, police staff, community worker, or child care worker who neglected or covered up child abuse MUST go to prison. For a long time.

It’s the only way to break the cycle of cover-ups and collusion.

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