Why doesn’t the public in England put pressure on its politicians to take harsh action in this matter?

For one, laws can be changed, as in mandatory reporting, safeguarding for whistle blowers, harsher penalties for abusers, building shelters and special police departments for abuse victims, etc. Many more direct perpetrators could go to prison if re-investigations were done, and all the politicians, police, and care workers who somehow covered up or colluded with the perpetrators could also go to prison.

And even if the current English law structure doesn’t allow for the imprisonment of civil servants – and what kind of a country is England if that is the case ? – than at least these people could remain unemployed for the rest of their lives and shunned from society – as their punishment for willingly cooperating in the abuse and destruction of countless, vulnerable young
lives. And resignations and firings are not enough – the law in such cases of failure to take appropriate action or to destroy evidence and engage in cover ups related to abuse of children must take away the person’s pension, in addition to their job.

There is a lot that could be done legally, politically, and socially – but it seems that England is so corrupt that no one stands up for anything, even in the face of what is most evil about the country.