A point made by Christopher Booker in The Telegraph: “Two years ago I reported on how Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale, disclosed in the Commons something of the horrors that had been going on in his constituency, where social workers had encouraged the mass-rape of underage girls in “care”, on the grounds that it was merely their “life choice” to become prostitutes.”

At 11, 12, and 13 years of age! Having come from broken homes and de-stabilizing environments, and all sorts of abusive histories.

These workers are the same garbage of people who think homosexuality, pornography, and loveless sex is normal and who want to shove this horrendous liberal ideology down everyone’s throats. And who now control most social work and psychology/psychiatric institutions. They are corrupt to the core. It is a disgrace how degenerate and smug and snotty they have become at the same time.

And let us not forget England’s favorite homosexual pedophile activist, Peter Tatchell, who has fervently  campaigned, along with all his other monstrous homosexual and liberal pals, for lowering the age of consent laws in the UK to 14, before they eliminate limits all together. And why? Because he says that’s “how society will protect children from abuse.

Look at what this liberal discourse has done to lives of hundreds of children: it’s profoundly contributed to and often ensured their neglect, their abandonment by workers and police when they were being terrorized, exploited, and abused, who dismissed it all as these kids making “choices” and having greater “sexual freedom.”

What kind of a society even listens to such a grotesque individual as Tatchell? Why isn’t he branded and shunned for what he truly is? A vile, homosexual pedophile piece of crap.