In an article about the Rotherham scandal, he writes:

What interests me most about this Rotherham case are ones I think about all the time, in other contexts:

What strategies do we deploy to keep ourselves from knowing what we don’t wish to know?

How can we overcome them?

Anyone who has followed my “Reflections” blog  (and my sister blog about posts that I write that get censored around the Net) knows exactly what strategy Dreher deploys: censorship. He simply silences anyone who writes truths he doesn’t like to face  in comments to his articles (and others at the TAC site). And if you insist, like I did, he bans you from commenting on the site. Obviously Dreher knows best of all that he deploys censorship every time he encounters such truths – so why is he asking the question of what “strategies” are used?

I mean, there’s one major hypocrite of a man.

Let us answer his second question: How can Dreher overcome his deployment  of censorship to erase  truths he doesn’t wish to face? Has Dreher ever heard of honesty?

As I tried to comment on different articles and as I tried to bring attention to a variety of issues concerning destructive or harmful attitudes and behaviors related to LGBT folks, Dreher wiped them out. He wants absolute silence, he wants no awareness, he wants to participate in a media cover up. Just like the officials and the liberal media did in Rotherham. Censor,  dismiss facts, silence discussions, erase awareness, collude and enable perpetrators.