We have all heard about many sexual abuse scandals involving children. But the Rotherham one was shocking to me. It’s shocking because of its size (the number of victims, families, perpetrators, and professionals involved) and the depth of the collusion and cover up – every government body and institution involved to protect the children in the case colluded and abetted with abusers – for years and years. And it seems this includes government officials in the highest echelons. So sad.

And, there was also the UK media. The media that is now churning out article after article, report after report, time-lines, interviews, opinion pieces – where were they for the past 16 years? Where were the media institutions who call themselves “progressives”, like the BBC and the Guardian, who attack social conservatives as horrible people? In silence. In their ugly, collusive, criminal silence. They were silent all over England, because the UK media just can’t investigate the subject and bring public attention to it. They must remain in silence until after thousands of children are abused. It’s disgusting.

And finally there is England herself, I mean, the people. While there are people who are truly disgusted and do not want to see such things happen, who really cares in England? The English come across as an ugly, spineless, degenerate people, constantly preoccupied with material affluence and celebrity and royalty issues, having adopted every destructive liberal attitude and behavior possible regarding sexuality and relationships, and being corrupt, corrupt to the core.

So now we discover that the UK has no mandatory abuse report laws. And, if I remember correctly, the same is true still in many places in the US and in so many other countries. The rot is extensive.

Then we also find out that except one or two officials, every other single corrupt and collusive British official, policeman, and care worker related to this scandal is still working in their positions, after having ensured the horrible abuse of hundreds of children. None have been sanctioned in any way. No disciplinary actions have been taken. There are calls for resignations, but how can people sit there calling for such monsters to merely resign? The punishment in England for letting children be terrorized and sexually abused is resignation? For halting police and other investigations, for destroying evidence, for threatening or dismissing the victims? The only thing people demand is for these monsters to lose their freaking job? No, any garbage of politician, councilor, police staff, community worker, or child care worker who neglected or covered up child abuse MUST go to prison. For a long time.

It’s the only way to break the cycle of cover-ups and collusion.