Let us not forget that England is the country where Owen John and his wife Eunice were denied by the state to be foster parents because they had a decent, moral, and healthy view of sexuality and were therefore painted as unfit human beings by the liberal childcare system – this while atrocious liberals who think homosexuality and porn are normal and are involved
in this scandal let children be abused right and left while doing nothing.

If any of these 1,400 Rotherham children had been placed with the John’s, they would have found a safe, loving home, and would have never been exploited or abused. But no, the Johns were branded criminals and horrible people by these disgusting liberal “social workers” with their nasty and destructive homosexuality agenda.

What was the John’s crime? Having a decent and wholesome mind about sexuality. Providing a safe and loving home to needy children, giving them a moral and ethical upbringing, teaching them a healthy outlook on sexuality and relationships, exemplified by their own lifelong behaviors.

This is what is wrong with the UK today. These are the garbage, irresponsible, fanatical people who infest the social work and psychology fields.