Excellent comment in a Guardian thread (“Theresa May’s long overdue child abuse inquiry must prioritise the powerless not the establishment”):

sumwot: The Guardian continues to deliberately confuse the establishment paedophilia with the institutionalised abuse in Rochdale and many other towns and cities. It’s almost like the South Yorkshire Police – deliberately publicising one to deflect attention from the other.

Let’s be clear – Rotherham is not about rich establishment figures protecting themselves – it is about professions (police, social work, local government officials, teachers, probation officers, GPs) who knew what was happening and failed to act.

This is entirely separate and on a far greater scale than whatever went on in Westminster and the BBC.

It is also very probably still going on in many other towns.

The silence of the Guardian and indeed the professions concerned is a disgrace.

Very perfectly summarized/analyzed. And in this case, these professionals and middle managers were often liberals (people who think homosexuality, porn, and promiscuity are normal), and who constantly attack social conservatives as horrible people for not submitting to their corrupt sexuality ideology.