And over at Volokh, another Brave New Deformed World legal decision:

C.B.W. has two daddies — even in Houston; and the gay one gets custody, says the jury

CBW doesn’t have two daddies, since no child has that. He was denied his right to  live with his biological father (Berwick) and the latter’s new wife, who would be the child’s step-mother, because CBW was claimed by the stupid homosexual who had been having sex with Berwick.

The case from Volokh:

Berwick v. Wagner (Tex. Ct. App. Sept. 11, 2014), involves Jerry Berwick, Richard Wagner, and their son (or is he?) C.B.W. Berwick and Wagner were two gay men, who were involved with each other from 1994 to 2008. In 1997, they began living together in Houston. In 2003, they got married in Canada. In 2005, they registered as domestic partners in California. And,

In 2005, they entered into a gestational surrogacy agreement with a married woman in California for her to carry a child for them. She was implanted with embryos formed from Berwick’s sperm and donated ova, which resulted in pregnancy and the birth of a son, C.B.W. A California court entered an order entitled “Judgment of Paternity” before C.B.W.’s birth, (1) declaring both Berwick and Wagner each to be a “legal parent” of C.B.W., (2) declaring the surrogate and her husband to not be C.B.W.’s legal parents, (3) ordering the hospital to list Berwick in the space provided for father on the original birth certificate, and (4) ordering the hospital to list Wagner in the space provided for mother on the original birth certificate. After C.B.W.’s birth, Berwick and Wagner brought him to Houston, where they lived together as a family for several years.

But then, in 2008, Berwick broke up with Wagner, concluded that homosexuality was sinful, and started dating (in January 2009) and married (in November 2009) a woman (Shellie) who became his wife. This led to a child custody dispute; Wagner sought an order naming him and Berwick “joint managing conservators” (i.e., giving them joint legal custody), and Berwick responded by asking to be sole managing conservator. (continues over at the WaPo…)


The result:

“The jury, however, gave Wagner (the still gay father) custody, though with visitation for Berwick. ”

Jesus. They gave the child to a man who is too psychologically deformed to have a healthy relationship with a woman and so who will, among other things, always deny the child’s right to having a mother. But children have no rights when turdy homosexuals are involved in any way!

Also to note:

4. The trial court didn’t abuse its discretion when it struck five jurors who said they so strongly opposed homosexuality that they couldn’t be impartial in the case. This didn’t constitute impermissible discrimination based on the jurors’ religion, but rather permissible exclusion of jurors based on their “unequivocally indicat[ing] that they held such strong convictions that they could not base their decisions on the law and evidence.”

So we ask: did the court strike any juror because they said they had so strongly normalized homosexuality that they couldn’t be impartial in the case? Obviously liberals are too much of liars to ever come clean in that respect! They would lie to be on the jury panel that they were biased, and then pass these atrocious decisions.

“All of the witnesses agreed that both Berwick and Wagner love C.B.W. and are good parents.”

Good parents? What biased criteria is being used here?

People who normalize homosexuality are simply not good parents because they transmit their corrupt sexuality ideology, with all their deformed attitudes and behaviors, to their children.

Volokh, who has a large set of irresponsible attitudes about sexuality, and is fanatically in favor of normalizing homosexuality, ends the post with this absurd statement:

There is factually sufficient evidence to support the jury’s finding that appointing Wagner as sole managing conservator is in C.B.W.’s best interest.

“Best interest” according to people who normalize homosexuality is a horrible result for the child – with the only interest that is being served here, surprise, surprise, is the deformed homosexual’s, who is deceivingly calling himself the child’s father.