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  • At least one bishop asked what happened to the concept of sin.

    The concept of sin is incompatible with the minds of the homosexual perverts preparing this document, hence, they have eliminated the concept

  •  ===================

    So Francis is the head of the Gay Mafia?


    Truth is not at our disposal. Doctrine is invalidated if practice contrary to doctrine is allowed. And in the end, a new doctrine emerges from that practice, contrary to the previous doctrine.

    Nothing wrong with being homosexual, the wrong is done if they go against church doctrine.



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Objectively, any fornication is sin against God. Period. Scripture states very clearly that fornicators will not inherit the Kingdom of God [1 Cor 6:9-11]. The Synod is not seeking to approve of fornication; it is seeking a way to help sinners to find a way to repentance and healing, since there are so many now and since Governments have now passed laws which encourage people to enter deeper and deeper into perverse lifestyles, e.g., “You have the civil right to fornicate and abort as many times and as often as you choose.”

I am particularly concerned with the blatant and appalling move by Francis to normalize homosexuality while craftily stating he is adhering to Church teaching, the Bible, etc. It’s disgusting.

I’ve just written another important point related to this synod document:

    But you are wrong; Pope Francis is not doing what you say. Your perception is distorted. Wait for the final document to come out and read it. Then you will see that your perception was incorrect. Trust in God.

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