• In the comments to this article:

    ‘Earthquake’ in Rome as Vatican synod talks about homosexuality and divorce

    13 October 2014 16:49

    Regarding people who are gay, the document says: ‘Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community.
    That of course includes the kiddy fiddling priests

    Are you comparing gay people to paedophiles? Unless you were being sarcastic … then that was a totally disgusting remark.

    • Many homosexuals and bisexuals abuse children – it happens constantly. You just like to cover up for your homosexual pedophile pals – talk about how disgusting liberals are

      • Crawl back into your cave you stupid cow … You make it sound as if it is a gay thing: that is not true. Most abuses are men on girls – and yes also women on girls, women on boys and men on boys.
        But if you don’t believe me that it is mostly heterosexuals: ask the 1700 girls in Rotherham that were systematically abused by men.
        And don’t you F-ing dare to imply that I cover anything up. You bitch, I’ll have you for breakfast.

        • Take your vile abuse and hang yourself with it – you useless pile of garbage- most abuse is not done by heterosexuals if you compare proportions. Most of the abuse in Rotherham happened because of turds of liberal police and social workers who believe homosexuality and teen sex and promiscuity is normal – that’s your ilk. And there were boys who were abused in Rotherham too – but you only want to lie about it. You live to lie about every case of homosexual and bisexual abuse – and one has to wonder how close it hits home. Go eat your own waste for breakfast.



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