article on the Barbwire on the racist lesbians and “wrong” baby color case: It is Not Their Fault: Why I am Not Angry at the Lesbians Suing the Sperm Bank – By Jennifer Roback Morse

Jennifer Roback Morse: “I do not know if they will get the “justice” they seek: $50,000 in damages and the satisfaction that the sperm bank will not “do this to another family.”

These two women are two trashy, perverted homosexuals, who are racist to boot. What exactly is wrong with what the sperm bank did? Why would the child need to be white? If these two perverted lesbians saw each child as wonderful, they would have never sued because no injustice has been done. Moreover, if they didn’t have a profoundly perverted mind towards both men and women, they would each be in search of a healthy heterosexual relationship with a man where they could conceive normally. How disgusting that two women with such warped minds are now in charge of a child who has no rights regarding who cares for her.

And as much as the Elites are to blame because they use their power to institute corrupt and harmful ideologies, “common folk” are just as perverse and guilty to follow along when it serves their nasty interests. An ideological elite can only be an elite if it has support from a trashy populace.

Overall, though, great article with lots of very good points.