Here’s another very important point related to this synod document. The Catholic Church has a horrendous gay mafia problem. With its particularly unhealthy institution of celibacy (for political and power-hungry purposes, obviously), the Church has, over centuries, attracted every kind of deformed and perverted homosexual among its ranks – including a large variety of homosexual pedophiles, as the scandal showed. This also means the existence of powerful perverted homosexuals at its highest echelons. And not forgetting all the heterosexual clergy who have not adhered to celibacy – the latter being a crazy demand – only making the whole spectacle highly hypocritical.

With the downfall of Christianity in the West and the loss of interest of healthy men in becoming priests – if that was ever a majority in the past – the Church becomes more and more corrupt regarding its type of priests. So now faced with a largely perverted clergy, the Church and its Gay Mafia Pope have taken the first step to try to convince people that its infested ranks are not a problem. The only minor issue with this crafty and nasty move is that it is goes smack against the Bible, first and foremost, and centuries of Catechism.

It seems what is at stake is that there are many forces in action not only to make the Catholic Church turn into an obscenely wealthy gay sauna, but adding insult to injury, to claim this is perfectly acceptable. We are having the displeasure to watch a white, Western and degenerate ideology on sexuality (in particular, homosexuality) being superimposed on a “of color”, traditional, global South, and healthy ideology. The image that comes to mind is when conquerors of a people in the past would raze down a particular religious building (such as a mosque or pagan temple) to build a church on the same spot, in order to concretely spell out their new domination.

Telling as well is the fact that the move to normalize homosexuality in the West is largely a secular political/ideological movement – and it is this secular ideology that is now taking over the Church – from its corrupt inside. It’s not merely a question of secular over religious, but an unhealthy sexuality ideology over a healthy one – the current dynamics of the societies in the West – which must normalize every form of unhealthy and deformed sexual attitudes and behaviors in its midst.