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Christians Can’t Accept Houston’s Intimidation Tactics Without Protest

…the latest story out of Houston will likewise do little to quell concerns that religious liberty and free speech are under serious attack. Earlier this year, the City Council passed a law regarding rights related to sexual and gender identity. Mayor Annise Parker has made support for this law — the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance — a major part of her administration. A petition drive to repeal the ordinance — with more than 50,000 signatures, and only 17,259 required — was disallowed by Parker and the city attorney. Some of the Houston citizens sued over the matter and the city responded by subpoenaing emails and sermons from five pastors who are not party to the lawsuit but were involved in the petition drive.

The public’s mostly negative response to the intimidation attempts seen in Houston was so pronounced that Parker now says she agrees with Alliance Defending Freedom that the subpoenas were overly broad. Heck, the whole thing’s so toxic that she’s even claiming she didn’t know about the subpoenas until shortly before she took to Twitter vigorously defending them. But don’t be surprised if these attacks on religious liberty and free speech don’t cause more people to question what we’re being forced to give up — and why — in exchange for expanding gay rights.

In a move eerily similar to fascist regimes, Houston demanded that pastors hand over their sermons to the city for a review of teachings that might speak out against homosexuality or transgenderism. Not satisfied with that these uberlords demanded emails, memos, and notes of any related meetings. After an outcry, the city is backing off, but make no mistake: more intimidation, threats, and presecution will follow by the forces of love and tolerance (strange how the queer/progressive alliance parallels ISIS isn’t it)..

Last year, Houston voters elected openly lesbian mayor, Annise Parker. It wasn’t long before the city passed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), which granted “equal rights” (read: preferred status as those with whom no one may disagree) to individuals with gender disorientation pathology. Under the ordinance, men can use ladies’ restrooms, ladies can use men’s restrooms, and, in short, anything goes — except orthodox Christianity. Texans don’t take too well to folks messing with civilized standards and dignity of their womenfolk, and it wasn’t long before a petition opposing the ordinance drew more than 50,000 signatures — more than double the number required to get on the ballot.

Imagine the shock when the mayor decalred the petition was invalid due to “irregularities.” These were not documented and simply declared to be “simply too many documents with irregularities and problems to overlook.” The petition is simply invalid because, well so many bitter clingers opposed it. But in a suspension of disbelief, the city expects folks to believe that, of 50,000 signatures, more than 32,000 were invalid. Sure, and we have oceanfront property in Dallas to sell them.

A coalition of about 400 area churches opposed the new ordinance, as they actually believe that X and Y chromosomes were designed for a reason. It’s called science, which the Left wields as a club when the mood strikes them and discards when it does not. The churches were not party to the lawsuit, but it just so happens that some of the 50,000 signatures were reportedly gathered at churches (which, incidentally, is fully legal).

In retribution, the city claimed the churches’ sermons were fair game as a political target because petition signatures were gathered inside a church. Several pastors were delivered a subpoena demanding they yield “all speeches, presentations, or sermons related to HERO, the Petition, Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality, or gender identity prepared by, delivered by, revised by, or approved by you or in your possession” as well as “all communications with members of your congregations” about HERO and the petition drive.

The gay-lesbian-pervert crowd Mayor Parker runs with isn’t so tolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. Unable to abide the idea that Christian pastors may actually be preaching what the Bible says, the mayor and her lackeys are engaging in an inquisition designed to stifle any critique of its actions. In the face of universal outrage, Parker appears to be back peddaling. She has said she would narrow the scope of the subpoenas. As if that will remove any doubts about her fidelity to Alinsky tactics and Stainlesque methods.

By issuing these subpoenas to punish any person of faith in Houston who participated against the bathroom ordinance the mayor and junior commissars attempted to both squash and intimidate those who dared to defy the Borg leadership and hive mind of the progressive movement.

The extremists in the progressive/sodomite/facist movement are strengthening their efforts to silence Christians, censor pastors and eliminate discourse in opposition to the homosexual agenda. We see that here each time homosexuality and its mutant offshots are discussed. This is not the first nor will it be the most brazen. Religious Liberty is the bedrock of our Republic, and government review of sermons has no place in the Land of the Free. Parker and her cohorts may think they messed only with a few Texas pastors, but when it comes to defending our God-given and constitutionally protected rights, her ilk has challenged all freedom and liberty loving Americans.
No one can question that the founding fathers watch our actions and stand with us. They will condemn us if we do not save guard their sacrifices and fight the forces of darkness that threaten the freedoms of all.

Beautiful post.

“The extremists in the progressive/sodomite/facist movement are
strengthening their efforts to silence Christians, censor pastors and
eliminate discourse in opposition to the homosexual agenda.”

Not only silence but to paint decent thinking as evil and to malign and slander the character of all Christians and conservatives who have a moral and healthy understanding of human sexuality. Thought crime is the goal.