It must be the umpteenth time that I recently come across a liberal obsessed with normalizing homosexuality that is now arguing that Jesus “did not explicitly say anything that condemned homosexuality,” THEREFORE it must absolutely mean he endorsed it and had normalized it like liberals have. The logic of people obsessed in normalizing their sexually deformed minds! See this fine example:



Comment made on Pope Francis’ Machiavellian strategy to liberalize the Catholic Church

on The Week ) RogerFerguson1 :


Jesus had very little to say about sex, nothing to say about adult same-sex consensual relationships. This is a subject which has been blown up out of all proportions. Personally I fail to see the moral difference between two people having some form of mutual masturbation and the two masturbating separately. Before you ask the question, let me answer. No, masturbation has not made me morally blind. Thank you,

My reply:


 “Jesus had very little to say about sex”


Really? So he really didn’t agree with anything the Bible says? I’m glad we got that cleared up! According to Roger then, liberal authority on all things Jesus, what the Bible says about sex and marriage and homosexuality is all a hoax – and clearly Jesus didn’t agree with any of it  because he didn’t repeat every word himself.


Roger’s logic goes like this: If the Bible says it, and Jesus didn’t repeat it (in the Bible), then He doesn’t agree with it. Roger is telling us that if Jesus had “very little to say about sex” then it means he is OK with any and all the sexual perversions liberals endorse today!  This consequently means Jesus doesn’t agree with the rest of the Bible – you know, all the passages where sin, especially of a sexual nature, is quite clearly spelled out.


It’s rather amusing to see liberals claim that Jesus doesn’t agree with the Bible (ha!) and to see how they sweep this very contradiction out of any consideration. Since their goal is to use Jesus and any other religious authority symbol to normalize homosexuality, such contradictions are not to be acknowledged, much less questioned. It is particularly amusing to claim  that Jesus was really just another porn, homosexuality, promiscuity-loving liberal pig, since it shows how much people have a need to mold religion (and religious symbols) to their conveniences – independently of how perverted or destructive these conveniences may be.


Roger claims that had Jesus believed in a healthy and pure sexuality ideology, He “would have said something specific in the Bible against each and every liberal sexual perversion”. Since He didn’t, He must be a liberal.


And so, this is how liberals co-opt the key symbol of religious authority (Jesus) in the (semi-post) Christian West to be part of the homosexuality agenda. Liberals must now reveal to the rest of us that Jesus has always thought like a liberal – he just didn’t say so before!


This “Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality” line is  a great example of sexually perverted liberals colonizing the Bible and especially the figure of Jesus… and it would be amusing if it weren’t so destructive, and hence so sad to see it happening in my world, in my life.


In practical terms, Jesus is just a Ken doll that liberal Catholics, Americans, etc. will dress up as they find most convenient – and the “most convenient” for Western society at the moment is to normalize the majority of sexual dysfunctions and perversions amongst its midst. With this we have not progress, but an increasing depraved, sexually harassful, and sexually violent society, where sex and relationships are relentlessly perverted and demeaned. And you can’t demean sex without demeaning humans.