End of the afternoon. She starts complaining she’s tired and wants to go to sleep. To sleep? After napping for three hours in the afternoon! Is she coming down with a cold? I suggest that we sit down and I make her some drawings. She is much more intent on going to bed but I succeed in convincing her.

“What shall I draw you? A pretty doll? Sit here beside me and I’ll draw you a doll. We start with the head, the eyes, the hair. This is her dress, her arms, her legs, her shoes. Now let’s add some white socks with  a little lace on top. Isn’t that nice?”

She looks on without saying anything.

“There, done! What shall I draw you now?”

“Spiderman,” deadpans the three and a half year old.

“Spiderman!” I chuckle silently surprised at her request. That’s what she had been thinking all along. “OK, Spiderman it is.” So I begin drawing Spiderman from memory, his suit a blue and red blur. “Is his suit blue or red?”

“Blue,” she says.

“Let’s color it blue then.” I can’t picture his face mask very clearly. I draw something like a red mask around the eyes. I thought there was red in there somewhere. To change from all the blue, I make his hands red.

“No, they are also blue,” she corrects me.

Well, too late now. Doesn’t look bad with the red contrast. Spiderman is done. On to the next one. “So what now? A dog, a teddy bear?”