Mimicking several LGBs in the US, virulent GAYS in UK have targeted a Christian bakery for legal harassment using the pretext of a “gay marriage” cake (Telegraph)

A Christian bakery firm which refused to make a cake supporting gay marriage with a picture of the Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie has been warned it will be taken to court unless it apologises and pays immediate compensation.

Ashers Baking Co, based in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, was told by a Government equalities agency that it was guilty of “unlawful religious, political and sexual orientation discrimination” for its stance on the Sesame Street-themed dessert.

To add insult to injury, the cake was to feature Ernie and Bernie from Sesame Street. Of course, these nasty pigs have to pervert even children’s characters, meant to be nice and sweet and wholesome. But I digress.

Every surly LGBT now wants to sue decent over a cake. It’s more than clear that these “sexual orientation discrimination”  laws are nothing but a legal harassment weapon that homosexuals want to persecute decent social conservatives with including to use the state to extort money from the victims. They are their little autos-da-fé.

Same analysis and criticism applies as in the cases that are happening in the US, such as the Elane Photography case, the bakery, etc. (The post linked to “Elane Photography case” discusses the main problems with such cases). [Added later:] I’ve just realized that the UK law prohibits discrimination based on “political opinion”. So in this respect, it’s quite different than the US laws, which are not based on refusing service due to such, but on the false concept of “sexual orientation.” At least the UK law is congruent with the persecution in the US – Christians here are being persecuted because of their religion (which is formally separate, but also traverses “political opinion”). The UK law is more honest about what kind of persecution it’s engaging in.

A War on Christians and Social Conservatives is what we get when society normalizes homosexuality – always – the two are incompatible. People with a homosexuality agenda are going to continue to bully decent conservatives in all spheres of society. Which is why we must tirelessly work to repeal these horrible “discrimination” laws. They are a weapon for injustice and to deny our most fundamental rights covered up by what is intentionally a deceptive label (anti-discrimination).

Given how much the UK has gone down in the LGBT sewer, I was therefore not surprised to read the following:

Amid widespread media attention and even questions in Parliament over the case of the cake, the Commission sought further legal advice to clarify its position.

In a 16-page letter, the Commission said it was “now clear” that the decision not to bake the Bert and Ernie cake was a breach of equality laws and that it must back down and compensate Mr Lee for his hurt feelings or face legal action.

Note the “his hurt feewings” – you couldn’t make this stuff up.

Simon Calvert, deputy director of the Christian Institute, which is supporting the firm, said: “It is simply baffling for a body supposedly working for equality to be threatening a Christian family with legal action, all because of a cake.

“The Equality Commission has taken four months to dream up new grounds on which to pursue the McArthur family, claiming that they’ve breached political discrimination laws.

If supporting same-sex marriage is a protected political opinion, so is supporting traditional marriage. Yet the Commission clearly favours one view over another and is prepared to litigate to prove it.

Is the Commission seriously saying that all business owners have to be willing to promote every political cause or campaign, no matter how much they disagree with it? Does a printer have no right to refuse to print posters for the BNP or Islamic State?

That is the obvious question to ask – and it’s the same fundamental question I asked in several of my posts (linked above).

But we all know that a country that normalizes homosexuality is a corrupt country. LGBTs, instead of going to treat their profoundly dysfunctional and perverted minds, are going to turn their hatred towards anyone who clearly sees that their psychologies are deformed and that having a homosexual problem is not what people were intended to have. And they are going to come after any decent and sane person with a club.