Republicans are desperately waging a war against immigrants and amnesty. There is nothing they say that isn’t at their nastiest and most virulent. These non-documented immigrants are often already settled and all they want is to work and have a normal (largely very modest) life. Integrate and move on. That’s my view. And Republicans and Tea Partiers need to be less of an anti-immigration party to win over more Latinos. The hatred that Republicans are showing towards these people makes me think every time of how much the Nazis wanted Jews out of their society. They scream with the same virulence.

On that note, the world should move towards a system that resembles the European Union more as it concerns mobility. Nowadays, it’s very easy for many people to move and go work in another country. A growing number of people can work anywhere because all they need is an Internet connection. What is exactly the problem if they go work in another country? Many apocalyptic scenarios are pandered about to frighten people with any idea of even a tiny bit of greater mobility, but they are just a way to scare people silly and make them submit to the really stupid mobility barriers we have in place today.