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slightly edited in Nov 2014]

People often regard massage therapists as prostitutes

Salt Lake City – A large problem for massage therapists is the fact that at least 30 percent of people who schedule appointments for a massage end up trying to sexually harass the therapist.
I asked Susan Barlow, to explain to me how often this becomes an issue and she says “Well, it’s happened so many times. I’d just be casually doing a massage, and then they’d bring up inappropriate conversation, and that’s usually how it’d start. Or some 60 year-old man would want to date me, and try and throw a move on me. I mean, this job is dangerous. Someone could ever murder you in that room, you never know. Never trust anyone.”
Susan B. says she has reported over 30 men in the last two years for sexual assault, sexual harassment, and more. Not only men do this, but women, too. “Yeah, definitely not just men. Many women come to me and tell me that they are homosexual, and they say that they will pay me double, or triple, for their favors. It is disgusting to me, and it is illegal.” Susan says. Illegitimate massage therapists may be sending the wrong message to prospective clients.
In California, “four out of every five licensed massage therapists in Belmont ‘graduated’ from illegitimate schools that sometimes serve as fronts to allow sex workers to set up legal operations,” reports the Mercury News. A Belmont-based massage therapist told the Mercury the government needs to “increase standards so legitimate workers will not be compared to prostitutes.”

Probably doesn’t differ much anywhere else, but I just thought it was funny that it was  California that was chosen to illustrate the problem. What else could we expect from California?

And liberals don’t call homosexual women who sexually harass others “full of hate,” do they?  Normalize homosexuality and what do you get? A good number of sexually harassing homosexuals doing harm in society.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these women with a homosexual problem were “gay activists” who go wail before television cameras that they are being discriminated by Prop 8 in California.

Is America interested in facing how many dysfunctional, harmful Americans there are concerning sexuality? If society is already reluctant to look at such issues related to the heterosexual population, it has now gone on a fanatical group denial crusade concerning how deformed and harmful so many people with a homosexual or bisexual psychology are.

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