As I had said in a recent post, I’ve so busy reading so many great tweets (phrases and pictures) and articles and comments on the Charlie Hebdo affair, that I had no time left to say much. So many wonderful discoveries. I wanted to list some of the best ones here for future reference. See my previous post for more:

Charlie Hebdo – The ever fascinating utterly complicated issue of freedom of speech

GregJ says:

Two hours of watching American reality TV, and one can understand why fundamentalist Muslims consider the West to be toxic and evil. And no, I am in no way ignoring the great evils of groups like ISIS, but only making the point that Honey Boo Boo, our strip mall culture of materialism=happiness, our soulless value system of killing unborn children and mouse click available pornography as “free speech”, is what so many millions of Muslims see and will lend their support to oppose, any way they can. The world is flat and they have seen us poison our own societies and want none of it in theirs.

The Charlie Ideology

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Faster than you can say “manufacturing consent”, “Je suis Charlie” has become another “Yes we can!”, a slogan for the self-herding masses, an opiate for the iPhone generation. If that wasn’t clear when it became the Facebook meme of the decade, it sure as hell should be obvious now, after Hollande, Cameron, Merkel and Petro Poroshenko locked arms with Sergei Lavrov, King Abdullah of Jordan, Mahmoud Abbas and yes, Benjamin Netanyahu on January 12, in one grand imperial Chorus Line of the Willing. The only ones missing from the “Je suis Charlie” cavalcade were the Pope, Bush (any one would do) and Bono. (continues…) has some very interesting articles by the way

« Le 11 septembre français », revue de presse et décryptage de l’entreprise de propagande médiatique en marche