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This book sounds amazing!

Suicide Pact: The Radical Expansion of Presidential Powers and the Lethal Threat to American Liberty Hardcover – November 18, 2014

Very good article on discrimination in academia against social conservatives.

– The Washington Times – Monday, March 23, 2015

First the case of: Teresa Wagner

Teresa Wagner recently notched a victory at the U.S. Supreme Court, but she can be forgiven if she doesn’t exactly feel like a winner.

Her lawsuit against the University of Iowa College of Law, in which she accuses the school of denying her a promotion over her conservative beliefs, has dragged on for six years. The case has taken a toll on her family and her finances, and she is running out of money to pay her legal bills.

Ms. Wagner is still working at the university, although no longer as a part-time legal writing instructor. In November, she was reassigned to the library after she told university officials that she found a supervisor rummaging through her backpack.

“She’s working in a stack of books in the main library basically, with no interaction with people at all,” said her attorney, Stephen Fieweger.

The Supreme Court’s March 9 refusal to hear the university’s appeal ensures Ms. Wagner a new trial after the first one, in 2012, ended in a hung jury. Her chances look good, given that jurors from the first trial told The Des Moines Register that they agreed she faced political discrimination but were uncomfortable finding a former dean personally responsible.

Still, even if Ms. Wagner prevails at trial and conservatives win the battle, there is little doubt they are losing the war. Those in the trenches say the assault on conservative ideas in higher education continues despite high-profile legal victories by academics over viewpoint bias.

Ms. Wagner was easily identified as a conservative, having worked for the National Right to Life Committee and the Family Research Council. When she filed her lawsuit against the University of Iowa in 2009, only one of the 50 faculty members at the law school was a Republican.

She said she was rejected for a full-time post as a writing instructor in 2007 even though her credentials — she had worked as a trial lawyer and as an instructor at George Mason University law school — were clearly superior to those of the relatively inexperienced recent law school graduate who was hired instead.

A faculty review committee had given her a “very enthusiastic” recommendation, but the faculty voted against hiring her. Ms. Wagner later learned that the opposition was led by law professor Randall Bezanson, who was known for his articles “advocating a pro-choice viewpoint on abortion,” according to her lawsuit.

An associate dean, Jonathan Carlson, wrote an email to Dean Carolyn Jones before the vote expressing concern that the faculty would oppose her “because they so despise her politics.”

Attorneys for the university argue that she made blunders during the job interview, although the videotape of the interview has been destroyed. Over the next two years, she was rejected three times for a position as an adjunct professor.

“I will say that everyone in that jury room believed that she had been discriminated against,” Carol Tracy, the jury forewoman, told The Des Moines Register after the first trial in November 2012.

Ms. Wagner expects to release a book this year describing her experience as the plaintiff in Wagner v. Jones, which she said deals in part with “what a hardship this can be when you encounter employment discrimination based on your moral convictions.”

“The first [aspect is] the personal story is what happened to me, my kids and my family,” she said in a radio interview last week with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. “The second aspect is the exposure of illegal wrongdoing not just in higher education but in legal education, and the irony in that. These are the very people who are entrusted to teach the First Amendment, and yet they are violating it.”

Despite the trial’s personal and professional cost, she said, she is determined to go forward, in large part because of her children. “Unfortunately, we’re seeing much, much more of this, and I think that means we might be obligated to stand up to it because a factor in my decision to file a complaint was my children,” Ms. Wagner said. “If I encounter this type of discrimination, I can hardly complain if they do if when I encountered it, I gave it a pass. This type of practice tends to just get worse if people get away with it in the first instance, and we have to think about the future of this country and about our own children.”

Then the one of Mike Adams:

Mr. French scored an enormous win a year ago in his defense of Mike Adams, the conservative sociology professor who was awarded a promotion, a raise, $50,000 in back pay and $710,000 in legal fees in his seven-year fight against the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.

“For me personally, yeah, the costs were certainly very great, and it was obviously very stressful and my hair turned gray and all,” Mr. Adams said. “But the fact of the matter is when you’re doing it, you don’t know that. So you’re actually making a series of decisions. And so when people thank me for what I did with my case, I sometimes explain to them that it really wasn’t as difficult as it seemed from the outside because we were actually just making a series of decisions.”

Would he do it again? Of course, he said, but taking universities to court isn’t enough. He said conservatives need to make “a bigger play” by founding and taking back institutions of higher education from the dominant liberal culture. …

“We need our own universities because the fact of the matter is we’re battling against extinction.”

Schools where conservative thought flourishes include Chapman College in California, Colorado Christian University, Gordon College in Massachusetts, Grove City College in Pennsylvania, Hillsdale College in Michigan and Wheaton College in Illinois, but they’re badly outnumbered, Mr. Adams said. … The ultimate solution lies in changing the culture, he said.

… In the meantime, he said, the legal challenges play vital roles.

“It only takes a few incidents to send a message to professors to watch what they say. What we’re trying to do with the litigation is send a message back to universities: Watch who you fire,” Mr. French said.

By Neal Larson*

It was in the summer of 1993, enduring the sweltering humid Philadelphia heat, I wanted to punch him in the face. My missionary companion and I were doing the Lord’s work — or at least I was — and I couldn’t stand him. In fact, being around him all day every day had made every one of his facial expressions annoying. He’d leave toast crumbs in the butter and his dirty laundry lying around. Hearing him breathe was infuriating. In reality, he was no more or less annoying, I guess, than anyone else, but I had had my fill after a few months of his 24/7 breathing, toast-crumb, presence.
A twinge of that annoyance born of overexposure bubbled up this past week listening to Hillary Clinton handle (sort of) questions from reporters about her email scandal. It wasn’t even that she was lying. Of course she was lying. She’s Hillary Clinton. The lying comes with the Clinton brand. It was something else.
For months she’s stayed in the shadows while she charts some kind of pathway back to the White House. I was fine with her absence, but it didn’t make this heart grow fonder. Not at all. That monotonous cadence of her less-than-feminine voice laced with a potpourri of condescension, contempt, and the indignance that she even has to answer to the questioning unwashed masses, all scraped across my eardrums like fingernails on a chalkboard. Horrific auditory flashbacks of the 1990’s splashed images of pantsuits and flabby thighs across the canvas of my assaulted mind and had me begging the Creator to spare us from the next 18 months. Heaven forbid four years. Eight? Just take me now.

(continues here)

“Just take me now” – priceless

*Neal Larson of Idaho Falls is a conservative talk show host on KID Newsradio 590am and 92.1fm, and also at “The Neal Larson Show” can be heard weekday mornings from 8:00 to 10:00. His email address is

Christian children’s worker ‘sacked for telling gay colleague: God doesn’t condone homosexuality’ launches unfair dismissal claim

Sarah Mbuyi (devout Christian) has launched claim following her “dismissal for gross misconduct “

Her crime? Having a decent mind about sexuality and talking about her beliefs with a coleague.

From the

Belgian-born Miss Mbuyi claims that in January last year, a colleague raised the issue of what the Bible teaches on homosexuality.

She alleges her co-worker felt unhappy the Church did not allow her to marry her female partner, and said that she thought God condoned homosexuality.

Miss Mbuyi explained: “When I said ‘No, God does not condone the practice of homosexuality, but does love you and says you should come to Him as you are’, she became emotional and went off to report me to my manager.”

At an internal disciplinary hearing on January 8, Miss Mbuyi was confronted with her colleague’s allegations including that the woman had taken offence at being give a Bible as a gift by Miss Mbuyi.

She was dismissed for gross misconduct by nursery directors who are said to have told her that she had breached the equality policy of the nursery. [Surely that means only people who think like pigs are equal – or something…]

At the tribunal, it is expected she will argue she has the right, under EU law, to enter into conversations with adult co-employees subject to the normal principles of engagement in speech. [Not anymore. Because with LGBT pigs in society, there is no such thing as democracy or freedom or having the most basic fundamental rights.]

Miss Mbuyi claims that she had previously discussed matters of faith and religion without any offence being taken, the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) said.

Saying that her disciplinary hearing was “hopelessly one-sided” [I can just imagine the insanity of this hearing] Miss Mbuyi added: “It is obvious that we live in a climate where being Christ-like-following the Bible as much as we can-and being open and honest about that, is a problem now.” [Having a decent and healthy mind about sexuality and relationships has been effectively made into a crime – even if liberals don’t admit it.]

Andrea Minichiello Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “Sharing Biblical truths out of genuine love for colleagues is being outlawed in the workplace by an oppressive ‘cultural correctness’. [“Cultural correctness” only if you mean this nasty homosexuality agenda pushed by LGBT pigs.]

“There is a culture of fear which shuts down freedom of speech and the expression of faith.

“It’s indicative of the sad state we’re in that we’re using EU Law in Sarah’s case because she was prevented from living out her faith in a country which once led the world in freedom and justice.” [Nice appeal to national pride, but the sad truth is that the UK has a history of brutal violence and oppression internally and externally – and unfortunately, as we can see, it continues the pattern.]

Article by Twitter: @K_Schallhorn – Alessandra’s comments in square brackets

  • George Washington University’s student government is considering a bill that would mandate “LGBT trainings” (homosexuality agenda down everyone’s throats) for student groups. If they try to opt out, they the GW LGBT pigs want these groups destroyed.

A conservative student organization at the George Washington University (GW) has been targeted as a “hate group” by other organizations and GW students after asking to be exempt from LGBT sensitivity training.

GW’s chapter of Young America Foundation—an organization that advocates individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values—has said that they would hope to receive a “religious exemption” from a new student government bill that would require all student leaders to participate in mandatory LGBT-issues trainings, according to the Hatchet, GW’s student newspaper.

“Mandated training is not really being very tolerant of all religious beliefs,” Emily Jashinsky, the YAF chapter’s president, told the Hatchet. “The way that people who are deeply Christian behave is for a reason, and if you’re training them to change that behavior, there’s obviously a problem with that.”

Jashinsky, a senior at GW, is also a correspondent for Campus Reform. She told the Hatchet that her organization, which is primarily made up of Christian and/or conservative students, is very inclusive of LGBT students and considers the group a “safe space.”

Since the Hatchet article was published on Thursday, the organization and students involved have faced extensive backlash from the school community.

A statement from GW’s Allied in Pride, an LGBT advocacy organization, labeled YAF as a “hate group” and called for the university to defund the student organization.

“If GW YAF refuses to participate in safe zone trainings that are aimed at increasing safety and understanding, then they should be considered a hate group, and thereby, be revoked of all funding from the Student Association at The George Washington University,” Allied in Pride said on their public Facebook page. “The Young America’s Foundation is a political organization, not a religious one, so they cannot seek a religious exemption. And their refusal to use preferred gender pronouns should be considered an act of violence and a violation of the non-discrimination clause required in all GW student organizations’ Constitutions.”

[Obviously what the Allied in Perverted Pride student group didn’t say is they are also a political organization and what they are clearly doing is trying to shove their disgusting political agenda down every student’s throat in the university – when they clearly should have no authority nor any basis to do so.]

Allied in Pride also criticized the YAF chapter for inviting former-Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) to speak on GW’s campus. According to Allied in Pride, the YAF chapter invited Santorum the day before “Trans Day of Visibility” which “underscores [YAF’s] intolerance and pattern of hate.”

Amanda Robbins, the vice president of GW’s YAF told Campus Reform in an exclusive statement that it’s because of groups like Allied in Perverted Pride that free speech is being compromised on campuses across America. [And she is right. Not only free speech, but a healthy and wholesome view of sexuality and relationships.]

“The atmosphere on GW and other campuses has become increasingly caustic for conservatives and those that hold traditional viewpoints to profess and live out their values. Last spring, we attempted to sit down with the Office of ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ after our pro-life display was vandalized and they continually deflected to speak to us,” Robbins said. “If GW hopes to truly create an environment where all views and backgrounds are valued, they will host sensitivity trainings for all groups that have been subject to intolerance or at least exempt religious and conservative groups from this mandated training.”

GW students have also attacked the YAF chapter on social media, calling for the defunding of the organization and comparing the student organization to ISIS. Students have also called the group a “cancer,” “hypocritical bigots,” “ignorant,” and “cesspit of intolerance.”

According to the Hatchet article, student senators have said they will not allow organizations to opt out of the training.

The GW administration did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform.

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