4/2/2015 7:50 PM GMT+0200
Actually, the Left should just go around and paint yellow crosses on any known Christian stores so that “tolerant” “inclusive” Americans will know not to patronize these “hateful” “bigoted” businesses, until we can come up with a “Final Solution” to the “Christian problem.” We can party like its 1935. Congratulations “liberals” you’ve just created the same recipe for a “Kristallnacht” in America.

The only good thing about this is that a bit more people are waking up to the fascist aspect of the homosexuality agenda from liberals.
And it only took 15 years for some of these people to wake up to what I had been writing back when! ( 😛 )

As liberals conquer and hog more crude power and succeed in establishing legitimacy for their agenda, the nastier and the more persecutory they will become. While they have been fueling this fanatical scorched-earth attitude for a long time, it was somewhat restrained before, gaining more steam in their more profound enclaves, and not really reaching Christian/conservative communities in the depths of their communities. But now the offensive is beginning to strike within social conservative spaces, dragging the “enemies of the people” from their pizza parlors into the public square and doing a great big liberal lynching.

While raising money for the family involved is certainly an important gesture (both for the family’s livelihood, as well as an act of symbolic resistance in the culture wars), dismantling of the concept that homosexuality is normal is the work to remains be done in America (and the Western world).